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Did Aamir Khan actually perform the train stunt in 1998 film Ghulam? Here's the truth

Aamir Khan's train scene stunt generated curiosity in film goers for many years, who continued to speculate whether the actor had performed the stunt himself.

Aamir Khan in Ghulam
Aamir Khan in Ghulam | Image:Pinterest

The audience of current times is too used to watch movies that are built almost on entirely VFX and computer graphics. Especially with the onset of marvels, there is a whole set of audience for these kind of movies, whose idea of cinema is shaped by how fantastical things look on screen. Amidst such an atmosphere, it would be difficult for most film-goers of present times to imagine how practical effects were achieved in films from earlier times. One such instance of real-life stunt that had sent film audience into a tizzy was Aamir Khan starrer Ghulam.

Aamir Khan & Rani Mukerji in Ghulam | Image: Pinterest

Speculations about train scene stunt remained for years

In Ghulam, Aamir Khan played a young aspirant boxer named Siddharth, someone who is also a hot-blooded daredevil, willing to take risks. Accordingly, in one of the scenes in the film, Siddharth takes upon a challenge to spring in front of a running train and jump away from the tracks at the last moment.

The way this shot was conceived and executed, almost everyone in the audience was flabbergasted while being convinced that Aamir Khan himself performed the scene. The scene receiving a lot of attention, also winning the Best Scene award at a major streaming ceremony. However, fans also continued to speculate often whether the stunt was real, or was achieved through special effects.

Aamir Khan in a still from Ghulam | Image: Pinterest

Frontal angle was shot with train: Aamir clarified in 2006

Putting all rumours to rest, many members of the film had talked about the scene years on, clarifying that it was indeed Aamir Khan himself who performed the scene. In an interview with actress-presenter Pooja Bedi around 2006, Aamir Khan clarified that he had performed the stunt for one of the camera angles, while the scene was also shot from two other angles for visual effects purpose. Aamir Khan stated, “Two of those were generated in special effects. But one angle which was my frontal angle, we shot that with the train.”


Khan also admitted that he didn’t understand the risk element of the stunt while he was shooting it. However, when he watched the scene at edit later, he recalled feeling scared, adding, “The train missed me by 1.2 seconds and I did three takes of that.”

Aamir forgot his life was at stake: Ghulam producer

Years later during an interview, producer Mukesh Bhatt too talked about Aamir’s sincerity which could occasionally go overboard. He had said, “He is a very sincere actor and works harder than required. During the shoot, Aamir got so invested that he forgot that his life is at stake. If he was late by one second, he would have been crushed by the train. It is God’s grace that he got saved otherwise Aamir would be dead today.”


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