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Did Triptii Dimri 'overshadow' Rashmika Mandanna in Animal? Co-star says 'everyone got their...'

Even as viewers felt Triptii Dimri outshined Rashmika Mandanna in the recently released Animal, actor Siddhant Karnick said everyone earned their due.

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Rashmika and Triptii
Rashmika and Triptii | Image:Rashmika and Triptii

Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s recently released movie Animal earned a fair share of both collections and criticism. The movie fueled several conversations on the internet including several character actors outshining the leads. Many claimed Bobby Deol outshined Ranbir Kapoor, others felt Triptii Dimri overshadowed Rashmika Mandanna.

Triptii and Rashmika in Animal | Instagram

Animal actor Siddhant Karnick thinks everybody earned their own spot

Siddhant who played the role of Ranbir’s brother-in-law in Animal recently addressed the Triptii vs Rashmika debate and cited Bobby Deol’s example. He told Siddharth Kannan, “Everyone got their own importance. Maybe the intensity was different. For example, Bobby Deol came for 15 minutes, but he’s the next big thing we’re talking about right after Ranbir.”

Bobby Deol in Animal | Image: Instagram

He continued, “The cousins, that pind family, what a beautiful set-up… I don’t think actors within the same project should be competing for popularity. Film does well, everybody does well. If we can accept the audience’s love, we must also accept their trolling. It’s a balance of both things. They are very fair in asking for what they want.”


In the same interview, Siddhant confessed to being swooned by Triptii and when asked if he would take her out on a date, the man said yes.

Siddhant Karnick (right) and Ranbir Kapoor (left) | Image: Youtube screengrab

Triptii Dimri addresses the controversy around Animal’s regressive plot

In a recent interview with Quint, the Qala actress shared, "It depends on person to person. If you’re watching an action film, and the goons are beating up the hero, that doesn’t mean you go and beat up whoever you hate in life. Or, if someone is talking rudely to his wife or girlfriend, that doesn’t give you the license to go home and start talking the same way to your wife, or girlfriend, or whoever.”

Triptii and Ranbir in Animal | Image: Youtube screengrab

After the movie's release, Triptii was tagged as the 'National crush', a tag that was earlier given to Rashmika Mandanna.


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