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Fighter Actor Akshay Oberoi Reacts To Audience’s Lukewarm Response To Hrithik Roshan Starrer

Addressing the topic of Fighter getting mixed response at the box office, Akshay Oberoi stated that from his perspective the film did well.

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Actor Akshay Oberoi celebrates a significant milestone in his career with his portrayal of Bash, also known as Basheer Khan, in the film Fighter. He said that after years of hard work, the role allowed him to break new ground. While the film managed to make a profit at the box office, it got mixed response from viewers and critics alike. Addressing the topic, Akshay stated that from his perspective the film did well. 

Akshay Oberoi on Fighter’s box office performance

In a conversation with News X, Akshay was asked about Fighter getting a lukewarm response at the box office in its initial days of release. The actor replied, “That’s not my game. It’s all about perspective. The numbers that I saw were enormous. It did Rs 50 crore in three days. I can see through the noise. Some may argue that ‘Fighter’ could have done better but it did just fine.” 


Akshay, who played a fighter pilot in the film, added that portraying Bash in Fighter was a transformative experience for him both professionally and personally. The actor acknowledged the significance of the film in propelling his career to new heights and is determined to sustain this momentum moving forward.

He stated: “The success of 'Fighter' has given me a renewed sense of purpose and motivation. I am committed to building on this success and continuing to challenge myself with diverse and compelling roles.”


More about Fighter

Fighter is directed by Siddharth Anand, based on a story he wrote with Ramon Chibb. The film also stars Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone and Anil Kapoor in lead roles. It delves into the life of an Indian Air Force pilot, portrayed by Hrithik, and his journey to protect his nation and loved ones.



The film's official synopsis reads, "Militant activities are going out of control in the Srinagar Valley, so a new and elite unit, Air Dragons, is commissioned by the Air Headquarters. They are now the first responders to any hostile activity. They comprise the best combat aviators handpicked from across the IAF. Fighter is the story of Air Dragons, who are willing to give it their all for the nation while going through the highs and lows of their internal and external battles."


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Published March 22nd, 2024 at 21:32 IST