Updated March 14th, 2024 at 13:56 IST

Katrina Kaif Admits To Feeling ‘Intimidated’ By Bollywood's Unrealistic Beauty Standards

In a new interview, Katrina Kaif opened up on facing 'pressures' to conform to beauty standards. She admitted feeling 'intimidated' by the same.

Katrina Kaif | Image:Katrina Kaif instagram

Katrina Kaif has opened up on the pressures of looking a certain way. In a new interview, the Merry Christmas actor admitted that she had to face unreal beauty standards in her Bollywood career. She also spoke about the times when she is worried about her appearance and her husband Vicky Kaushal has to step up.

Katrina Kaif opens up on facing ‘stifling’ beauty standards 

Katrina Kaif recently was in conversation with Hello! India when she chronicled her struggles with the pressures of facing unrealistic beauty standards. In the interview, the actress admitted that she too faced ‘pressures’ to conform to beauty standards. She also admitted that she finds the notion intimidating. 

The Bang Bang actress told the publication, “I have often experienced the pressures of a certain standard of beauty and the pressures to conform to that standard. I have found that to be often stifling and intimidating.” Katrina also mentioned that every time she has to step out of the face she often gets ‘fussy’ about something wrong with her look. She added, “And then my husband will wryly remind me ‘Aren’t you the person who says 'It's Kay to Be You' (a reference to the makeup brand owned by the actress).” 

Katrina Kaif says social media puts pressure on women to conform to beauty standards

In the same interview, Katrina Kaif also told the publication that most people struggle with ‘self-image and confidence issues’. She attributes social media and society as the reason behind the same. Katrina argued, “I think both society and social media puts a huge amount of unrealistic pressure on women to conform and to look a certain way. It’s subtle, but I think that does seep into your consciousness.”

A file photo of Katrina Kaif | Image: Katrina Kaif/instagram 

Katrina then clarified that she is not sitting on a ‘pedestal’ reminding people to love themselves. She shared that the reminder is more for herself, “To celebrate what is unique about us, because that’s what makes us, us.” Katrina concluded by arguing that it is essential to introspect if one is spending enough time away from social media and with themselves. 


Published March 14th, 2024 at 13:56 IST