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Main Hoon Na Actor Zayed Khan, Missing From Films, Shares Cryptic Post About 'Struggle'

Main Hoon Na fame Zayed Khan who has been missing from movies for over a decade now has taken to Instagram and penned a note on 'struggle'.

zayed khan in main hoon na
zayed khan in main hoon na | Image:IMDb

Once a Bollywood heartthrob, Zayed Khan has been off the radar for quite some time. After his last appearance in the 2015 film Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene and a brief stint on television in 2017, the actor seemed to vanish from the limelight. Now, the actor has shared a post on his social media that is now going viral.

Zayed Khan talks about struggles

In a new Instagram post, Zayed can be seen sitting in a lounge amid sunny weather. He captioned the post, “I see the light , no matter the struggle just keep moving forward.” Zayed’s comment section is now flooded with a request from people wanting to see him make a comeback and many sympathising with his struggles.

When Zayed Khan recently opened up about his struggles 

Known for his roles in films like Main Hoon Na, Khan shared the challenges he faced during his long hiatus and talked about rejection and self-doubt. While talking to Bollywood Hungama, he confessed to neglecting himself amidst the relentless pursuit of work, facing numerous rejections from film studios.


He said, “About a year and a half back, I was in a very low phase of my life where I was not taking care of myself. It was because of the attempts I had made to meet people and I had heard so many no’s from people that I almost forgot that I had ever been a star. I was very low.”

Zayed Khan | Image: Instagram

However, amidst the gloom, a glimmer of hope emerged in the form of a mockumentary project presented by his friend and fellow actor, Aseem Merchant. Khan recalled feeling puzzled by Merchant's offer and considered his self-perceived declining appeal. Despite Khan's apprehensions about his appearance, Merchant reassured him, stating, "The best is yet to come from you."


The mockumentary hasn't been released so far. Son of veteran actor Sanjay Khan, Zayed Khan has featured in just 18 films in his entire career.


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