Updated February 12th, 2024 at 22:20 IST

Mr India 2 To Have AI-written Script? Shekhar Kapur Says His Cook Has Developed A Story Using Tech

Mr India director Shekhar Kapur has revealed that his cook developed a script for Mr India 2 using AI that was beyond impressive.

Mr India, Anil Kapoor
Mr India, Anil Kapoor | Image:IMDb

Popular filmmaker Shekhar Kapur has taken to Instagram and shared an interesting anecdote about his long-time household aide, Nilesh. Despite having only an 11th-grade education, he has been part of Kapur's household for 18 years and stunned everyone by crafting a sequel script for the iconic movie Mr India in under an hour - thanks to assistance from an artificial intelligence tool.

Shekhar Kapur reveals his cook has a script ready for Mr India 2

Taking to social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Kapur shared a snapshot of Nilesh which was accompanied by a revealing caption that read, "This is Nilesh. 11th fail. Been working with me 18yrs. Cook, house boy, now more a friend. Refused to study more!". Shekhar further detailed how Nilesh utilised Google Gemini to create the script and detailed his astonishment at the rapid pace of creativity facilitated by AI.

"6 am he discovers #GoogleGemini. 7 am starts writing a story for #MrIndia2. 8 am asks me if to read it. I’m taken aback. The great new #AI #creative revolution is here," Kapur exclaimed.

AI isn’t as fascinating to some people as much as it is for Shekhar

While Kapur and some others applaud AI's capacity to generate narratives, there is a growing apprehension among certain circles regarding the encroachment of artificial intelligence in creative endeavours. Last year, Hollywood witnessed a long dispute between scriptwriters, actors, and studios over the increasing reliance on AI in creative processes.

Hollywood protest against AI | Image: Agency

Even Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan voiced his concerns about the expansion of Artificial Intelligence in cinema, particularly concerning facial manipulation technology. Bachchan very recently highlighted the debatable issue of face mapping, citing instances where studios claim ownership over actors' digital likenesses, potentially infringing on their rights.


It would be no less than a joke if the AI-written script is considered for Mr India 2. For the unversed, the 1987 film Mr India featured Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, and Amrish Puri and still remains the favourite of millions.


Published February 12th, 2024 at 22:20 IST

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