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Exclusive/ Satish Kaushik And I Had Finalised Kaagaz 3 Idea Days Before His Death, Reveals Writer Ankur Suman

Kaagaz writer Ankur Suman dwelled in an exclusive conversation with Republic and shared several anecdotes of his interaction with late actor Satish Kaushik.

Reported by: Aditya Sagar
Ankur Suman with Satish Kaushik | Image:Instagram

Director VK Prakash's Kaagaz 2 arrived in theatres on March 1. The film may not have enjoyed commercial success upon its release but has managed to earn critical praise. It stars the late Satish Kaushik in a posthumous appearance. The veteran actor-director will entertain the audiences one last time in Kangana Ranaut’s Emergency, to be released later this year.

The release of Kaagaz 2 left Kaushik's fans emotional about his absence at a time when his craft is being celebrated. One of those admirers is Ankur Suman, the writer of the film franchise. In a conversation with Republic, Ankur shared insights into the making of Kaagaz 2 and bringing to life the vision Satish had for the heartwarming film franchise.




Kaagaz was the brainchild of Satish Kaushik, says writer Ankur Suman

Asked about the reference point for Kagaaz, Ankur said that the storyline draws inspiration from different incidents that people witness on a day-to-day basis. The first instalment, starring Pankaj Tripathi, was a biographical drama of a real-life man declared dead in official papers. The second film in the franchise the highlights hardships of an ordinary individual due to protests and rallies. Talking about the idea behind the franchise, Ankur said, “Kaagaz was Satish Sir's idea and he was very clear about what he wanted.” 


Is the perception of audiences dictating the stories we tell on screen? Ankur Suman weighs in

Cinema often holds up a mirror to society. Talking about it, Suman said, “I think that has been happening both ways. It's a two-way street. For example, I think that we started seeing more candle marches and all peaceful protests after Rang De Basanti. There can be a film like Dangal which tells an impossible story of great courage of two girls in Haryana who become champions and then there are stories in real life which inspire films.”


Satish Kaushik wanted to give opportunities to newcomers, says Ankur Suman

Satish Kaushik, who was an alumnus of the National School of Drama, made a mark for himself in the film industry without patronage. Ankur said that Kaushik was keen on giving newcomers a chance in the industry, both on and off camera. “He was really passionate about bringing newcomers to the industry and introducing their talent to the world,” Ankur said.




He recalled the time when he first narrated the screenplay of Kaagaz to the Tere Naam director. “I was at his house and I remember I finished narrating the screenplay that I had developed. So he got up and didn't say anything. I thought that there will be changes now. I think something is not right.”

“He said, Ankur, you have a great future. You're a very talented writer and I have been looking for someone who can partner me again in my storytelling journey,” the writer recalled. Ankur dubbed the moment "rewarding", adding, "it felt like getting a medal from your Guru”.


Anupam Kher believed in healthy discussions: Ankur Suman

Ankur looked back at how Anupam Kher used to give his inputs during Kaagaz 2 pre-production meetings and Kaushik incorporated the changes he felt were required. “Being a very senior and seasoned actor, he used to discuss before actually shooting the scene. There used to be discussions about why we are going to say this, why this line, why not that,” Ankur said.




Will there be Kaagaz 3?

Ankur also shared that Kaushik meant to make the third film in the franchise soon after. “It was just five days before his death that we had discussed and identified the subject for Kaagaz 3,” he said. Kaushik wanted to start working on the third part soon after the post-production of Kaagaz 2 was over. Unfortunately, he passed away on March 9, leaving behind his wife Shashi Kaushik and daughter Vanshika Kaushik.


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