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Shreyas Talpade Reveals How Life Has Changed After Suffering From Heart Attack: Priority Has Changed

Shreyas Talpade recently sustained a massive heart attack in December 2023. The actor has now opened up on how his priorities have changed following the setback

Shreyas Talpade Health | Image:instagram

Shreyas Talpade suffered a major health setback late last year. In December 2023, the actor was rushed to the hospital after he suffered from a major cardiac arrest. Months after the health scare, the 48-year-old actor looks back at the incident and has shared his realisations. 

Your priority changed, and now it is family and health: Shreyas Talpade on sustaining a heart attack 

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Shreyas Talpade detailed how his life has changed after sustaining an almost fatal heart attack. He recalled how previosuly he would be worried about the next film and his career, but one incident ‘changed everything’. He also revealed that his priorities in life have changed. 

A file photo of Shreyas Talpade | Image: Instagram 

Shreyas said, “Earlier, you were running like a horse; you covered your eyes and focused. You are just running after your career trying to make sure that you do the best of the film, best of the directors, and everything whatever you can in your capacity, and suddenly, one incident changes everything, touchwood for the better.” He further added that since the health scare his equation with his daughter has ‘completely changed’. The Golmaal Returns actor continued, “Your priority changed, and now it is family and health. The bond, especially that I share with my daughter now, is a kind of chemistry that we had till the 14th of December evening is completely different. It makes you so happy. We take our family so for granted that we tend to miss out on all the beautiful moments that we can share with them, which we don't realize.” 


Shreyas Talpade expresses gratitude for well-wishers 

In an interview with Instant Bollywood, Shreyas opened up about his health condition and expressed gratitude to those who supported him during his darkest hour. Shreyas said, "First of all, I would like to thank all the people who helped me that night. All the doctors, technicians, hospital staff, everyone, and all the fans who gave me countless blessings and love. I'm a little better now, with God's grace, and recovering with each day, one day at a time."

A file photo of Shreyas Talpade with his family | Image: Instagram 

Bobby Deol had previously shared the information he had received from Deepti regarding Shreyas' health status. It was discovered that Shreyas' heart had stopped for approximately ten minutes, but doctors were able to revive him and perform an angioplasty.



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