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Tanishaa Mukerji reveals Kajol refused to watch Neal ‘n’ Nikki: It was too much..

Tanishaa Mukerji reveals her older sister Kajol has never watched her film Neal 'n' Nikki because she had several kissing scenes in the film with Uday Chopra.

Neal n Nikki
Neal n Nikki | Image:IMDb

Tanishaa Mukerji played the lead role in the 2005 romantic comedy film Neal ‘n’ Nikki. The actress co-starred in the film alongside Uday Chopra, who she was also dating at the time. In a new interview, the actress revealed her sister Kajol has not watched the movie to date as it features several kissing scenes. 

Tanishaa Mukerji says sister Kajol has not seen Neal ‘n’ Nikki 

Recently in a conversation with Siddharth Kannan, Tanishaa Mukerji opened up about her film Neal ‘n’ Nikki. The actress commented that her older sister Kajol has still not watched the movie. She recalled, “It was too much kissing on-screen. My sister (Kajol) has not watched the film till today. Even I tell my friend’s kids to watch it after growing up a little bit.” 

Tanishaa Mukerji file photo | Image: Tanishaa Mukerji/Instagram 

The actress exclaimed that it is still conservative to think about intimate scenes. She added, “That conservativeness exists in our country.” Tanishaa added that if the film was offered to her today, she would have played it differently. She said, “If today Neil N Nikki would have come to me, I would have offered to play the character differently because you are influencing young minds. At that time, I didn’t get involved in it enough.” 


Tanishaa Mukerji says she was comfortable kissing Uday Chopra as she was dating him 

In the same conversation, the actress also added that kissing on-screen was not such a big deal for her because she was dating her co-actor at the time. She recalled, “I was comfortable because Uday and I knew each other. We started dating during the shoot of the film, so it was like I was doing it with my boyfriend, so it became easy.” 

Tanishaa Mukerji and Uday Chopra in a still from Neal n Nikki | Image: IMDb

Tanishaa and Uday Chopra parted ways after a two-year-long relationship. Arjun Sablok directed the romance comedy, Neal N Nikki. The movie tells the tale of a young girl who breaks up with her ex-boyfriend just to break things off again later. The film failed to make an impression with the critics as well as at the box office. 


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