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12th Fail Star Vikrant Massey Opens Up About His Brother Converting To Islam At 17

Vikrant Massey, in a recent interview, revealed that his brother converted to Islam at the age of 17 while stating that religion is 'man-made' concept.

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Actor Vikrant Massey in a recent interview shared insights into his family's religious diversity. Massey revealed that his brother, Moeen, converted to Islam at the age of 17, a decision fully supported by their parents. Reflecting on his upbringing, Massey described his mother as a Sikh and his father as a devoted Christian who attends church twice weekly.

What did Vikrant say about the concept of religion?

Despite his family's diverse religious backgrounds, Massey expressed scepticism towards organised religion and labelled it as "man-made." He recounted witnessing debates on religion and spirituality from a young age and shaped his perspective on the matter in a recent interview on the show Unfiltered with Samdish.

Vikrant revealed that his brother converted to Islam at the age of 17

The 12th Fail actor detailed, “My brother’s name is Moeen, I am called Vikrant. You’d wonder why the name Moeen? He converted to Islam, my family let him change his religion. They said, ‘Beta (Son), if you find satisfaction in this, then go ahead.’ He converted at the age of 17, it is a big step. From a young age, I have seen a lot of arguments related to religion and spirituality.”

Addressing his father's response to extended relatives questioning his brother's conversion, Massey detailed, “He said that was none of their business. ‘He is my son, he is only answerable to me and has all the rights to choose what he wants.’ After seeing this, I went on my own quest, wondering what exactly is religion. It is man-made.”


What shade of religion does Vikrant aim for his family?

Massey recently became a father with his wife Sheetal Thakur and shared his intention to instil rationalism in their son. While he respects Hindu traditions out of cultural affinity, he separates cultural practices from religious beliefs. He elaborated that celebrating festivals like Diwali is a nod to cultural memory rather than religious obligation.


Published February 21st, 2024 at 23:25 IST