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Vivek Oberoi Says Actors Should Play Age-appropriate Roles: Puraane Zamaane Me Hota Tha...

Vivek talked about how playing roles according to their age helps actors in maintaining authenticity. He is currently seen in Indian Police Force.

Vivek Oberoi
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Vivek Oberoi’s latest release, Indian Police Force, made its OTT debut on Prime Video on January 19. The actor is seen playing the role of a police officer alongside Sidharth Malhotra. In a recent interview, Vivek emphasised the need to select age-appropriate roles. He talked about how playing the roles according to your age helps in maintaining authenticity and gives his onscreen personas maturity. 

Vivek Oberoi’s take on playing age-appropriate roles

In a conversation with Bollywood Bubble, Vivek emphasised the significance of an actor's physical age matching the character they play, calling attention to the outdated practice of casting older actors in college student roles.


When asked if the age of an actor affects the roles of the person. He said, “I think three things make a difference. One is physically your age, are you age-appropriate? Puraane zamaane me hota tha 1950s and 60s me ki 50 saal ka banda hai aur wo college ka student play kar raha hai. 18-20 ki umar dikha raha hai, toh bahot funny lagta tha. You have to play age-appropriate roles, so it’s authentic.” 

Vivek Oberoi is exploring a range of genres 

Secondly, Vivek added that he embraces acting as a passion project rather than just a career. The actor chooses roles based on what excites him and offers opportunities for artistic growth, despite having a variety of business interests and investment opportunities at his disposal. In an attempt to avoid boredom and constantly push himself, his approach to acting has seen him explore a range of genres, from the intense action of Company to the heartbreaking romance of Saathiya to the lighthearted comedy of Masti.

Vivek Oberoi in Company 


The Krrish 3 star further explained that wisdom and experience gained through age give his performances more depth. He acknowledges that becoming a father himself has improved his on-screen portrayal of a father. 


Published January 19th, 2024 at 08:34 IST

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