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Brazilian Singer Dani Li Dies Aged 42 After Complications During Liposuction Surgery

Dani Li, who rose to fame with songs like Eu sou da Amazonia, had her breasts, back, and belly reduced through liposuction surgery.

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Dani Li
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Brazilian pop singer Dani Li, whose real name was Danielle Fonseca Machado, died at the age of 42 after complications during a liposuction procedure. The vocalist, who rose to fame with songs like Eu sou da Amazonia, had her breasts, back, and belly reduced. Regretfully, she had problems during the procedure, which required hospitalization. Actual cause of her death is still unknown, and an inquiry is in progress.

Dani Li's husband issues statement 

After complications from the procedure, that took place in Pinhais, Brazil, Dani had to be taken to a hospital in nearby Curitiba. Marcelo Mira, Dani's husband, broke the news of her passing on Friday, January 26. “We are very shaken by all this. The burial will be on Saturday,” said her husband, as per Metro. The couple also shared a 7-year-old daughter.

Born in the Amazonian jungle of Afuá, Dani started singing at the age of five. After participating in talent shows in her hometown, she moved to Macapá, which is about four hours away by boat, at the age of 17. There, she founded the brega group Banda Sensação, which plays Brazilian pop music.

She met poet Osmar Júnior in 2008, who later became her producer and gave her the breakthrough hit that took her to the heights of fame. Her most recent song was only released two months ago. There have been reports that she paid £4,000 for the cosmetic procedure.


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