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It's controversial/ Did you know AR Rahman was originally named Dileep Kumar, converted to Islam at the age of 23?

Unknown to many, musical maestro AR Rahman was originally born as a Hindu by the name of Dileep Kumar but later converted to Islam at the age of 23.

AR Rahman
AR Rahman | Image:Pinterest

In a candid interview that takes us back to a pivotal moment in the life of musical maestro AR Rahman, the acclaimed composer once shared insights into his spiritual journey and the decision to embrace Islam. Rahman, born A. S. Dileep Kumar, made headlines when he converted to Islam in 1989, a choice deeply rooted in personal reflection and a quest for inner peace.

AR Rahman | Image: Instagram

AR Rahman explains his conversion to Islam

Recalling the transformative period, Rahman once revealed that it was a time of self-discovery and introspection. He was exploring the purpose of life and the meaning of his existence when Islam resonated with his soul and the singer found solace in its teachings. The Oscar-winning composer emphasised that his conversion was not a sudden decision but a thoughtful exploration of faith.

AR Rahman | Image: Twitter

In another interview with Karan Thapar, Rahman highlighted the influence of his mother on his spiritual journey. “My mother was a practising Hindu. She had always been spiritually inclined. We had Hindu religious images on the walls of the Habibullah Roadhouse where we grew up. There was also an image of Mother Mary holding Jesus in her arms and a photograph of the sacred sites of Mecca and Medina,” he shared.


The musical genius, known for his soul-stirring compositions emphasised the importance of spirituality in his creative process.

AR Rahman | Image: Reddit

Over the years, Rahman's spiritual journey has continued to shape his artistic endeavours. "My faith is an integral part of who I am. It reflects in my compositions, which often carry a spiritual undertone. Music, for me, is a form of prayer," he once expressed passionately.


As we revisit this throwback moment from AR Rahman's life, it serves as a reminder of the artist's profound connection with spirituality and the sincere exploration that led him to embrace Islam.


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