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Here's Why Jackie Shroff Carries A Spider Plant Wherever He Goes

Actor Jackie Shroff most of the time carries a spider plant with him wherever he goes and here's why he does this religiously.

Jackie Shroff
Jackie Shroff | Image:Varinder Chawla

Jackie Shroff is celebrating his 67th birthday today. The actor is known for his unique environmental advocacy and last year made a green statement at the grand launch of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre. A Twitter user back then praised his commitment and said, "Jackie Shroff’s commitment to the bit is fantastic, ye aadmi akela global warming reverse karega."

Jackie carrying a plant is not a random sight

This wasn't a one-time occurrence; Shroff has been consistently spotted with a plant at various events, including Subhash Ghai's birthday party and Alanna Panday's wedding. His purpose is clear—to encourage environmental conservation and pollution reduction through tree planting.

Jackie Shroff at NMACC | Image: AP

He once said, "I didn't do any favour to the world by planting trees. Everyone's job is to plant, apply, if you want to plant a new one, then die by burning. That's what's going to happen. You don't have to think of your child's child. I'm half in the grave. Others will also come, our pillars will come.”


Why does Jackie carry a spider plant with him everywhere he goes?

In an old interview, Shroff revealed his plant of choice is the Spider plant because of its unique ability to remove pollutants like benzene from the air while providing oxygen. He even incorporates this green philosophy into his accessories and sports a necklace with a real plant.

Jackie Shroff with his plant locket | Image: AFP

He explained, "This plant is unique. It cuts away elements like benzene from the air and gives you oxygen in return. Recently, I learnt about this and I felt I should have it around me."

On World Environment Day in 2019, Shroff even urged his fans to embrace tree planting in his characteristic style, stating, "Yeh sab bade log yahan aaye hain subah ko yeh batane ki jhaad (plants) lagao. Apun apne bachchon ke liye jhaad chhod kar jaane wala hai. Aisa jhaad lagao jo raat ko bhi oxygen de!"


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