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How Peter Dinklage went from earning $50 a day for leprechaun role to Game of Thrones star

Peter Dinklage had previously talked about how he hated the word “lucky” as he worked hard to reach the point where he is today.

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Peter Dinklage
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Peter Dinklage, best known for his roles in the 2003 movie The Station Agent and the television series Game of Thrones, recently appeared in the Hunger Games prequel. The actor portrayed the role of Casca Highbottom in The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Before achieving success, he spent years developing his career while working in theatre. In his previous interview, Dinklage remarked he hated the word “lucky” as he worked hard to reach the point where he is today. 

Peter Dinklage on his success 

Talking about his career growth in a conversation with the New York Times, Dinklage said, “I hate that word - ‘lucky.’ It cheapens a lot of hard work. Living in Brooklyn in an apartment without any heat and paying for dinner at the bodega with dimes, I don't think I felt myself lucky back then. Doing plays for 50 bucks and trying to be true to myself as an artist and turning down commercials where they wanted a leprechaun.” 

Peter Dinklage made his acting debut in 1995 film Living in Oblivion | Image: X


The actor credited his success to his hard work and added, “Saying I was lucky negates the hard work I put in and spits on that guy who's freezing his ass off back in Brooklyn. So I won't say I'm lucky. I'm fortunate enough to find or attract very talented people. For some reason, I found them, and they found me.”

Tracing Peter Dinklage’s career trajectory

Dinklage, who was born in Morristown, New Jersey, made his professional debut in 1995. However, his first nomination for a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actor came from the 2003 movie The Station Agent

Peter Dinklage has Primetime Emmy Awards for Game of Thrones | Image: X


He won three Primetime Emmy Awards for his role in Game of Thrones, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, much later in life. His additional credits include brief but noteworthy roles in the comedic film Elf, where the actor played a snobby children's book author who accuses a quirky human of being an elf.


Published December 18th, 2023 at 09:01 IST

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