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Katy Perry Quits American Idol After 7 Years: I Love The Show So Much But I Wanna...

American pop star Katy Perry has decided to leave the popular reality show American Idol after seven years of judging. Read to know why.

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Katy Perry has announced her departure from American Idol. After seven seasons as a popular judge on the iconic singing competition, Perry disclosed her decision during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! She hinted at a plethora of upcoming projects, including the release of new music later in 2024.

What did Katy say on her exit from American Idol?

Addressing her departure, Perry expressed her deep affection for the show acknowledging its warm connection with the heart of America. However, she shared her desire to embark on a journey aligned with her own rhythm and explore the world. Perry teased her departure to host Jimmy Kimmel by playfully winking.

katy perry on American Idol

She said, “I mean I love Idol so much. It’s connected me with the heart of America, but I feel like I need to go out and feel that pulse to my own beat.”


When questioned about her co-judges, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, and their reaction to her exit, Perry cryptically remarked that they would find out soon enough. She revealed that both Bryan and Richie were aware of her plans, having witnessed her dedication in the studio and recognizing that new music was on the horizon.

She said, “I love the show so much but I wanna go and see the world and maybe bring new music.”


As speculation arose regarding who might fill her shoes on the judging panel, Perry remained mysterious and suggested she was making room for new opportunities. Reflecting on her tenure since joining the show's revival in 2018, Perry also recalled the memorable moments shared with her fellow judges and contestants.

Will Katy Perry ever return to American Idol?

Despite bidding adieu to American Idol, Perry expressed openness to a potential return in the future, leaving the door ajar for a possible reunion. In response to Kimmel's jest about her replacement, Perry said, “Maybe I’ll come back if they'll have me one day!"


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