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MC Stan's YouTube Channel Hacked, Rapper Alerts Fans

MC Stan urged his followers to be cautious and avoid clicking on any links, highlighting the prevalence of scams after his account got hacked.

MC Stan
MC Stan | Image:X

Rapper MC Stan informed his fans that his YouTube channel had been hacked by unknown miscreants. He asked YouTube India to help him with his channel, which had over 9 million subscribers on the platform. He also took to his Instagram handle to warn his fans against clicking on malicious links on his YouTube channel.

MC Stan's YouTube channel hacked

MC Stan urged his followers to be cautious and advised against scanning QR codes or clicking on unfamiliar links to reduce the risk of falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

MC Stan's story | Image: Instagram


"Famm kisne toh yede ki leke youtube hack kia hai kya malum kya scene yaar sabr karo thoda!! @youtubeindia My yt channel is hacked!" MC Stan posted on his Instagram stories.

MC Stan's story on Instagram | Image: Instagram


"QR code scan mat karna aur konsi link pe jaana mat click mat karna kuch bhi scam ho sakta hai," he further told his fans. "Public konsi link pe click mat karna," MC Stan added.

All we need to know about MC Stan

MC Stan is an Indian rapper and performer with a huge fan base. His real name is Altaf Shaikh, and he rose to prominence with his hit song Basti Ka Hasti, which is still one of his fans' favourites. Stan prefers to keep it private. He avoids public gatherings and media appearances.

MC Stan surprised his fans by taking part in one of the most popular reality shows, Bigg Boss 16. The rapper had an interesting journey in the Bigg Boss house, as he struggled to mingle with the majority of the contestants at first.


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