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Purab Kohli addresses criticism around having a child out of wedlock

Purab Kohli addressed the concerns of some people who still believe it is improper to have a child before marriage.

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Purab Kohli with wife and daughter
Purab Kohli with wife and daughter | Image:X

Purab Kohli welcomed her daughter with his then-girlfriend Lucy Payton in 2015. The couple tied the knot three years later in 2018. The actor recently opened up on the impact of public scrutiny on his personal life. He also addressed the opinions of some who still believe it is improper to have a child before marriage. 

Purab Kohli on having a child before marriage

In a conversation with Bollywood Bubble, Purab Kohli addressed the criticism around having a child out of wedlock. “There have been a few things you know I’ve been married before you know there were a few things that came out even during that time. But these are part aspects of me I can’t deny them. This is who I am and I don’t want to make a big deal about it. People ask me questions I answer it and move on.”

Purab Kohli is the father of two kids 


Purab also shared his concerns that people might question his daughter Inaya about her birth in a wrong way. The actor said, “It will concern anyone if your child is impacted by it. But Inaya knows that. She knows she was born before Lucy and me were married and we love her to death. So I mean what is wrong with that? If anything is possible there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s possible to have a child without being married. I don’t see if there is anything wrong and so does everyone around me.”

Purab Kohli’s marital life 

2018 saw Purab get married to a British yoga teacher Lucy Payton. The couple had already welcomed their daughter Inaaya into the world by 2015. 

Purab Kohli Lisa Payton got married in 2018 


After marriage, Lucy gave birth to their second child Osian Nur in 2019. Purab was married to Yamini Namjoshi before Lucy, but the two divorced after three years. 


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