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Sivamani Drums Humma Humma For Passengers At Kochi Airport Amid Baggage Delay

Dressed in a green kurta, jeans and bandana, Sivamani, in his usual flair, starting drumming against the steel rails at Kochi airport.

Sivamani | Image:Sivamani/Instagram

Popular percussionist Sivamani's video of playing the beats of Humma Humma song with his drum sticks on the conveyor belt at Kochi airport has gone viral on social media. According to the clip, the passengers of flight were waiting for over 40 minutes for their luggage when instead of fretting, Sivamani took it upon himself entertain those waiting at the airport. The clip has amassed many likes on social media amid passengers' rude behaviour with the airline staff over delay in flights.

File photo of Sivamani | Iamge: Sivamani/Instagram

Sivamani helps entertain flight co-passengers

Dressed in a green kurta, jeans and bandana, Sivamani, in his usual flair, went up to the conveyor belt and starting drumming against the steel rails. He jammed to AR Rahman's Humma Humma and entertained the anxious co-passengers waiting for their baggage at the Kochi terminal.

The video was shared online with the caption, "It’s been 40 minutes since we landed at Kochi airport and we are still waiting for our bags to come out. Instead of getting agitated we are getting entertained by a fellow passenger." Social media users dropped their loving comments under the video praising the popular musician. Some joked that the belief "a drummer always carries his sticks in his backpack" once again came to be true.

Social media users pour in comments on Sivamani's video

One of the social media users wrote in the comments section, "Will never complaint even it’s delayed for 12 hours (sic)." Another one wrote, "Seldom does a baggage delay become a moment to cherish. Sivamani rocks (sic)." A third netizen wrote, "The great Shivamani, not just an amazing percussionist but good human being as well (sic)."




Published January 18th, 2024 at 14:26 IST

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