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When Akshay Kumar Saved IPL Team Delhi Daredevils From Running Out Of Funds

Unknown to many, Akshay Kumar once saved the IPL Team Delhi Daredevils from draining out of funds by waiving off his compensation for their promotion.

Akshay with Delhi Daredevils team | Image:X

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar once emerged as the saviour for the Indian Premier League (IPL) team Delhi Daredevils (DD), preventing them from plunging into deep financial turmoil. According to revelations made by veteran cricket administrator Amrit Mathur in his autobiography Pitchside: My Life in Indian Cricket, Akshay Kumar's selfless act rescued the team from incurring massive losses.

How did Akshay save Delhi Daredevils from falling into financial crunch?

It was when Akshay entered into a three-year deal with Delhi Daredevils to shoot promotional films, participate in meet-and-greet events, and make public appearances. However, despite his commitment and daring stunts at Kotla, the team struggled to effectively utilise his star power. As the season concluded amidst mounting financial losses, DD faced the disheartening task of either cancelling or renegotiating Akshay's contract.



Mathur in his memoir addressed the complexities surrounding the termination of Akshay's contract, which was legally binding for three years. Attempts by DD's legal team to renegotiate the terms faced significant hurdles, with Akshay's representatives insisting on full payment as per the original agreement. Faced with dire financial circumstances and no legal recourse, DD appealed to Akshay directly.


What did Akshay say upon knowing Delhi Daredevils are suffering?

Mathur who was tasked with resolving the crisis recounted an encounter with Akshay during the shooting of Chandni Chowk to China. Upon learning of the team's financial woes, Akshay's response was unexpectedly generous. He readily agreed to terminate the contract, giving up millions of rupees owed to him, despite the stringent clauses outlined in the agreement.




Reflecting on the decision, Mathur recalls Akshay's compassionate words, "No problem ji, if it's not working, let's close it." Akshay's willingness to forgo a substantial sum of money, without hesitation or recourse to legal complexities, left Mathur astounded.

Akshay will be next in Bade Miyan Chote Miyan opposite Tiger Shroff which is set to release on April 10 this year.


Published March 30th, 2024 at 22:49 IST