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When Sushmita Sen Credited Her Ex Rajat Tara For Miss Universe Victory: Unke Support Ke Bina...

Sushmita Sen once revealed that her ex Rajat Tara made immense sacrifices for her when she moved to Mumbai and wanted to participate in Miss Universe.

Sushmita Sen as Miss Universe | Image:X

The iconic beauty queen turned Bollywood actress, Sushmita Sen has been entertaining audiences with her talent and grace since her historic win at the Miss Universe pageant in 1994. Transitioning seamlessly from the world of beauty pageants to the silver screen, Sushmita carved a niche for herself in the Indian film industry.

Did you know Sushmita Sen’s ex helped her during the Miss Universe days

Sushmita who made her Bollywood debut in 1996, had her personal life making headlines multiple times. During a candid moment on Farooq Shaikh's talk show, Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai, Sushmita opened up about her first love, Rajat Tara, and the significant role he played in her journey to becoming Miss Universe.



Expressing gratitude for his support, Sushmita fondly recalled how Rajat stood by her side during a crucial period of her life. Relocating to Mumbai to prepare for the Miss Universe competition, Sushmita found solace in Rajat's presence, who took a month's leave from his job at Benetton to accompany her.


What did Sushmita say about Rajat Tara?

She quoted, “He is my first boyfriend, Rajat. Such an important man kyunki jab main Miss India jeeti aur mujhe Miss Universe ke liye train karne ke liye Bombay aana pada, toh Bombay mere liye ek bohot hi foreign sheher tha kyunki main Delhi mein badi huyi hun, wahan pe rone lagi Delhi mein ke mujhe nahi jana Bombay, mujhe nahi jana Miss Universe, akele akele nahi karna.”




Rajat in his pursuit to stay by Sushmita’s side ended up losing his job

She added, “Toh he was working for Benetton uss waqt, toh Rajat ne uss waqt kaha ki ye toh manegi nahi aunty, mumma se baat huyi aur inhone jaake Benetton mein bol diya ki ya toh aap mujhe ek mahne ki chutti de do ya phir jo aapko thik lage, inko kaam se nikal diya. Rajat hai very massively responsible jinke support ke bagair main ek mahine Bombay mein nahi guzar sakti thi.”


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