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Cobra regurgitates a green plastic bottle, netizens condemn plastic use

The cobra, almost 7 feet long, purportedly venomous can be seen converging its energy to let out green soda bottle it consumed raising concerns about littering.

Zaini Majeed
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A disturbing video of an Indian Cobra vomiting a plastic pet bottle that has recently resurfaced has shocked the internet. Shared by the Indian Forest Officer Susanta Nanda on Twitter, the 31-second clip depicts the snake’s ordeal as it regurgitates the plastic trash. Susanta captioned the video urging people to halt the use of the plastic bottles as reusable ones are abundant and the rest scattered around as trash harms species on the planet which is “not disposable”.  

With over 1k likes, users were rendered astonished saying that they would “ban plastic use at home after seeing the video”. In the clip, the snake can be seen painfully writhing on the ground as it attempts to eject the object out of his system. Next to the snake, a man is seen standing stimulating the reptile’s belly with a hook so it could puke the obstruction out.

The cobra, almost 7 feet long, purportedly venomous, can be seen converging its energy to let out the green soda bottle it consumed that could adversely harm the reptile including a fatal episode. While plastic takes approximately 1000 years to decompose or break, it’s insurmountably hazardous for a species to ingest it as the trash could neither be digested nor passed in the waste.  

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Users discuss the impact of plastic

“Great information. We should make our atmosphere plastic-free and reuse & recycle of materials should be encouraged,” wrote a user in the comments section. “Poor thing. It's still baffling as to why the snake would swallow a bottle?! They're supremely intelligent hunters. a plastic bottle is nothing like their prey nor would it have any heat signature,” wrote another. “Production of single-use plastic is still not banned. Just asking people to stop using it will not be the immediate solution. Cutting it at the source is the right and faster way to curb plastic pollution No steps are taken for this,” wrote the third, concerned about the environment.  

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Published June 14th, 2020 at 17:22 IST

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