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Gajendra Verma's new song 'Ja Ja Ja' is burning the internet!

Gajendra Verma's new song is out now and fans are loving it. The popular singer is known for songs like 'Tere Ghata' and Emptiness. Read about his new song here

Gajendra Verma new song
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Gajendra Verma is amongst the most loved independent singers of India. Gajendra is known for his epic songs like Emptiness, Tera Ghata and more. His tracks always trend among youngsters in India, and many even create Tiktok or Vigo videos in their respective accounts. This viral star is giving back-to-back hits and all his singles are burning the internet. He has recently released a very soothing single on his Youtube channel and netizens are loving his voice.

Gajendra Verma's recent song out!

Ja Ja Ja by Gajendra Verma

This breakup song features Gajendra Verma, Nazli Can, Annsh Shekhawat and Shivanya. Unlike other heartbreak songs, this track has an incredible party mood with astounding beats to groove on. Sushant Pujari's dance choreography matches the rhythm of the some. The entire lyrics are written by Gajendra himself. The song currently has 6.2 million views and 354K likes on Youtube.

Gajendra Verma has given the Indian pop music some of its best songs through his dedication and hard work. This independent artist has been proving his excellence constantly by giving hit tracks online. Apart from Ja Ja Ja, the singer's previous songs Milo Na Tum and Yaad Karke have made the fans go crazy with their great composition. The singer never fails to choose and mix soothing beats and music to create magic in his songs. His fans are loved all around the globe as fans love how he presents love, romance and separation in his songs. Milo Na Tum currently has around 32 million views and 619K likes on its official video and Yaad Karke song has around 10 million views with 267K likes. 

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Milo Na Tum 

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Yaad Karke

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