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Good News: 11-yr-old saves grandma; Girls collect gadgets for students; 5 amazing stories

From IIT Delhi's job posting for dog handler creating buzz to Chandigarh girls' noble initiative for needy students, here are five best good news stories.

Good News
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When the world updates consist of COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustice, protests among other things, people are more than ever are looking for encouraging news. Since the beginning of the year, the unforeseen circumstances have dominated the minds of millions across the globe. But, it has also paved the way for occasional kind gestures, unique songs, online trends and peculiar methods of people adhering to the new lifestyle amid the coronavirus outbreak. From IIT Delhi's job posting for dog handler creating buzz to Chandigarh girls' noble initiative for needy students, here are five best stories from today to dial down on the negativity.

Chandigarh girls collect gadgets to help needy students attend online classes

What is being lauded as “great initiative” by several internet users, is ‘Prerna - for you and us’ launched by five Chandigarh girls to help the needy students attend the online school amid COVID-19 crisis by collecting donations of gadgets. With the coronavirus outbreak continuing to tighten its grip across the globe and driving the shift from in-person schooling to online school, several others who were unable to afford internet connections or correct equipment have lost months of their education.

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 11-year-old drives car to save grandmother's life

In a heartwarming incident, an 11-year-old boy surprised everybody after he drove a car to save his grandmother’s life. It all started when a little boy PJ Brewe-Lay saw his granny shaking and in need of immediate medical help. Following his natural instinct to save her, he immediately rushed and drove her in a luxury car. 

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IIT Delhi's job posting for dog handler creates buzz

A job posting by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi for the position of dog handler has taken the internet by storm. The notice garnered attention mainly for two reasons, qualification and salary. IIT Delhi stated “B.A/B.Sc/B.Com/B.Tech or any equivalent undergraduate degree” as the eligibility criteria, whereas for most of the job application in the same position usually require a minimum qualification of 10+2. Coming to the salary, the institute mentioned that it can go up to Rs 45,000 per month, even though a similar job profile under Delhi Police has a salary of around Rs 20,000. 

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Art titled 'Dump' expected to auction for over £50,000

A bizarre-looking piece of bin-bag artwork, titled Dump, is reportedly set to sell for at least £51,000. The artwork is a creation by British artist Gavin Turk, who is a modernists artist who studied at the Royal College of Art. While the work might look like a smelly bin bag full of rubbish, the creation, however, is a lump of bronze that’s been painted black and moulded. 

Image: PhillipsAuctionHouse/Website

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Gymnast performs tall jumping backflips with perfection

A video of an athlete’s mind-blowing gymnastic skills wherein he performs tall jumping backflips has left the viewers stunned. In footage that he shared on his official Instagram handle, Vikram Selvam is seen acing the multiple backflips on a leather mat showcasing the athleticism that has earned him laurels across the internet. An exceedingly fit and pulling the moves with perfection, Selvam does the backflips without a breather at a go. A renowned gymnast and a lifestyle coach by profession in Chennai, he relishes quite a huge fan following for his motivational stunts and body workouts. 


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