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Hollywood actor Geoffrey Giuliano gets stranded in India, says he is living like a beggar

Hollywood actor Geoffrey Giuliano visited India for liposuction and ended up getting stranded in the country with his son due to Coronavirus. Read details.

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American actor and author Geoffrey Giuliano, who is best known for films like Sming and The Fifth Execution, recently travelled to India for liposuction. He ended up getting stranded when the borders closed suddenly due to the Coronavirus pandemic and was unable to return home. The Scorpion King star took his son Eden to Jaipur on March 3. 

Actor Geoffrey Giuliano is stranded in India and needs help

Geoffrey Giuliano also took his son to visit the Taj Mahal while he visited several doctors. The actor who is originally from New York had a liposuction consultation and planned to get some dental work done to enhance his acting career. In an interview with a leading portal, Geoffrey revealed that he is now living like a beggar and is surviving on the goodwill of a hostel and food donated by others. 

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Geoffrey Giuliano and his son got stuck in the country when Indian authorities closed down the airports and the country's borders on May 18. The actor also faces the threat of being evicted over an unpaid bill and might be forced onto the streets. He is currently surviving on donated monkey nuts and bananas for food. 

Giuliano lives with his son in eastern Thailand and ended up getting stranded when the Thai authorities also banned incoming flights from March 23. The actor revealed that he could take a repatriation flight to the U.S but his son is Thai national and won't be allowed into America. The author revealed that he brought $2000 with him because he thought that would be enough for them to stay in India for a couple of weeks or two. 

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He said that the country did not give them enough time to leave and added that he felt stupid for not bringing his ATM card along. Geoffrey Giuliano said that it sounds suspicious but he did not think we would be needing the card for a couple of weeks. If the actor chooses to travel to America, it would mean that he would be separated from his son, and Eden will have nobody to take of him. 

Geoffrey Giuliano said that people will blame him for not being a good father and for being irresponsible and added that he loves his son and needs help at the moment. He stated that after achieving so much in his life, it is hard for him to ask for help. He concluded saying that the circumstances have put hin on the Titanic and he needs a lifeboat. 

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Published May 30th, 2020 at 18:41 IST

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