Updated April 23rd, 2024 at 17:16 IST

Anne Hathaway Recalls 'Gross' Audition Where She Had To 'Make Out' With 10 Different Men

Anne Hathaway reflected on how things have changed since her early days in showbiz. She opened up about a certain practice she had to begrudgingly partake in.

Anne Hathaway | Image:AP

Anne Hathaway's last release, The Idea of You, ranked high on accord of the chemistry between her and Nicholas Galitzine's character. Chemistry, however, was assumed to be a rather tangible commodity in 2000s Hollywood - evident in a recent anecdote shared by Hathaway. The actress recently reflected on a certain 'chemistry test' she had to partake in, with potential co-stars.

Anne Hathaway believes there are better ways to gauge chemistry

In a recent conversation with V Magazine, Anne explained the basic premise of a Hollywood 'chemistry test'. She said, "I was told, ‘We have ten guys coming today and you’re cast. Aren’t you excited to make out with all of them?’ And I thought, ‘Is there something wrong with me?’ because I wasn’t excited..."


Hathaway, then very early in her career, was wary of losing out on opportunities by being labelled "difficult" - so she simply went along with the requirement, despite not agreeing with the same. She shared, " thought it sounded gross. And I was so young and terribly aware how easy it was to lose everything by being labelled ‘difficult,’ so I just pretended I was excited and got on with it."


How are things different now?

It is worth mentioning that soon after sharing the anecdote, Anne was quick to clarify that the practice is question was not a form of harassment or even powerplay. The general consensus, at the time, actually believed that this was the best way to gauge chemistry. She said, "It wasn’t a power play, no one was trying to be awful or hurt me. It was just a very different time and now we know better."


That being said, Anne also shared how things were entirely different for her last project, The Idea of You. Chemistry in this regard, was gauged in a significantly less intrusive manner. She said, "We asked each of the actors coming in to choose a song that they felt their character would love, that they would put on to get my character to dance, and then we’d do a short little improv..."


Published April 23rd, 2024 at 17:16 IST