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'Back to the Future's' original ending involved a 'secret formula' and a refrigerator

Taking to social media, Jon Cryer shared the original script of 'Back to the Future' that differed significantly from the final movie seen on screens.

Back to the Future
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This year will mark the 35th anniversary of Back to the Future. To celebrate this milestone, special Back to the Future Blu-ray and 4K box sets will be released this year. These special editions will also feature extra content like unseen audition tapes and set locations. Reacting to this news, Two and a Half Men’s Jon Cryer revealed that the original Back to the Future script was much different than what people got to see on the big screen. 

Jon Cryer reveals how different the original script for Back to the Future was from what was shown on screen

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After the makers of Back to the Future announced the release of their 35th-anniversary special edition, Jon Cryer took to social media to talk about the 'original script' of the film. In his post, Jon Cryer revealed that the script he read during the auditions for Back to the Future was completely different from the final product seen on screens. First, Cryer revealed that the movie opened with Marty McFly playing the theme of the close encounters on his electric guitar. 

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In another post, Jon Cryer claimed that the time machine was not a Delorean that had to travel at 88 miles per hour. It was just an ordinary time machine powered by nuclear fission and a secret ingredient (which Cryer claimed was Coca-Cola). Then Jon Cryer talks about the film's alternate ending that was part of the original script.  

According to Cryer, the original script of Back to the Future ended with Marty in an atom bomb test site. Right before the bomb goes off, Marty manages to find a bottle of Coca-Cola (which is required to power the time machine in this version). However, he is unable to escape with the time machine before the atom bombs are launched. But Marty quickly spots a lead-lined box nearby, aka a refrigerator. He gets in the refrigerator, closes the door, and is shot 'back to the future' as soon as the bomb goes off. 

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Fans immediately noticed that this ending sequence was very similar to the beginning of another adventure movie. In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Indy has to get inside a refrigerator to survive an atom bomb explosion at a test site. Cryer even refers to this in his final post and he asks his fans if the sequence he recited sounds familiar to them. 

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Published July 29th, 2020 at 16:36 IST

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