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Barbie: Deleted scenes from Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling starrer hint at unseen twists

Scenes axed from the Barbie movie unveil missed adventures, from Ken battling a bear to nearly kissing Barbie, offering twists in the film's narrative.

Barbie deleted scenes
Barbie deleted scenes | Image:Barbie deleted scenes I IMDb

Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie captivated audiences with the nostalgic unveiling of Barbie on July 21, 2023. What seemed like a simple portrayal of the classic doll took a deeper dive into themes of patriarchy, feminism, body image, existentialism, and the essence of girlhood. Directed by Gerwig and starring Robbie and Ryan Gosling, the film emerged as a comedic masterpiece adorned with vibrant aesthetics and the beloved character, Ken. Post-release, Barbie garnered both box-office success and critical acclaim.

However, the film omitted several anticipated iconic scenes, teasing fans with glimpses into what could have been. These missed opportunities have left enthusiasts yearning for more, adding layers of intrigue to the Barbie experience. The deleted Barbie scenes hint at new twists in the film.

 These deleted Barbie scenes hint at new twists in the film I IMDb

Here are the top five unreleased scenes, unveiling Behind-the-Scenes Insights:

Barbie with Fart Opera: 

Gerwig revealed a scrapped 'Fart Opera,' considered humorous but unfit for Barbie's world. The mere possibility of such an unconventional sequence has sparked curiosity among fans.

Weird Barbie-Ken Duo: 

Photos hinted at a peculiar bond between Ken and a quirky Barbie played by Kate McKinnon. A scene showing Ken's evolution due to real-world revelations was anticipated but left unseen.

From Ken battling a bear to nearly kissing Barbie-All deleted scenes I IMDb

Helen Mirren's Visual Appearance: 

Despite her voice role, a scene featuring Helen Mirren with a laboring Midge was excluded initially, later re-added for IMAX screenings.

Ken's Bear Encounter: 

Nick Huoy disclosed the absence of a thrilling sequence involving Ken battling a bear during a camping scene, a potential highlight for fans.

Almost Kissing Scene Between Ken and Barbie: 

Discussions arose about a kissing scene between the characters, providing comedic fodder for Robbie and Gosling. However, Barbie's disinterest in dating Ken kept the romance at bay, sparking humorous remarks.

Deleted scenes from Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling starrer hint at unseen twists I IMDb

These deleted scenes, ranging from the humorous to the potentially transformative, give insight into the film's production choices, enriching the discourse surrounding Barbie and its untold tales.


Published December 21st, 2023 at 21:49 IST

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