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Dixie Chicks band's founding member Laura Lynch, 65, killed in a car crash

The band members of Dixie Chicks shared a throwback video and a long note remembering the founding member of the band Laura Lynch.

Laura Lynch
Laura Lynch | Image:The Dixie Chick/Instagram

Laura Lynch, the founding member of the US country music band the Dixie Chicks, died in a car crash, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. The singer was aged 65 at the time of her passing.

Laura Lynch dies in a car crash

The Texas Department of Public Safety said she died being involved in a collision between two vehicles near the city of El Paso on Friday, December 22.

Other band members are 'shocked and saddened"

After the news of Laura's death came in light, the other members of the band - Emily, Martie and Natalie - on the official Instagram page shared a throwback video of them performing together along with a long note. The note read: "We are shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of Laura Lynch, a founding member of The Chicks. We hold a special place in our hearts for the time we spent playing music, laughing and traveling together. Laura was a bright light…her infectious energy and humor gave a spark to the early days of our band."

It further read, " Laura had a gift for design, a love of all things Texas and was instrumental in the early success of the band. Her undeniable talents helped propel us beyond busking on street corners to stages all across Texas and the mid-West."

"Our thoughts are with her family and loved ones at this sad time," the post concluded.


What do we know about the Dixie Chicks?

The band was set up originally as the Dixie Chicks in Dallas, Texas, in 1989. The co-founding members were Lynch, Robin Lynn Macy, Martie and Emily. The Dixie Chicks performed country and bluegrass music at various festivals and venue, and were also often busking.


Before Lynch left the band in 1995, the Dixie Chicks released three albums. They rose to fame later in the 1998 with their Wide Open Spaces Album. Just three years ago, the band dropped the word Dixie from the band name as it was criticised that the word had connotations to American slavery. Now they are known as The Chicks. 


Published December 24th, 2023 at 14:39 IST

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