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Drew Barrymore pitches 50 First Dates sequel idea co-starring Jason Momoa

Drew Barrymore and Jason Momoa discussed romantic comedies on a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show.

Drew Barrymore, Jason Momoa
Drew Barrymore, Jason Momoa | Image:AP

50 First Dates, starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, debuted in theatres in 2004. The film was a huge hit and made almost $200 million worldwide. Now, the lead actress of the film has pitched an idea for the sequel of the romantic comedy. 

Drew Barrymore on 50 First Dates potential sequel 

Drew and Jason Momoa discussed romantic comedies on a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show. The Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom star inquired about her favourite comedy role she's ever had. Drew replied, “Well, I was thinking particularly 50 First Dates.” The actress then asked Jason if he’d ever venture into the world of romantic comedies.

“If you were to do a romantic comedy, is there a film -- let’s just play a game -- is there a rom-com you would ever remake?”Jason said, “Yeah, maybe 50 More Dates.” Jason’s response led the host to bashfully drop her jaw and flip her hair, with the actor mimicking her. 

Jason Momoa appeared as a guest on The Drew Barrymore Show 


Jason added, “You need to come back to the islands and meet a Hawaiian man.” “I would do that. Of course, are you kidding?" she said. Drew asked, “Is there, like, a woman in history, someone out there, you’re producing a rom-com you’re going to do it, who would you ever cast?”


Jason said, “Well, aside from the movie we were just talking about?” Drew then explained she was asking because it’s her “favourite genre” and she thinks Jason needs to be a part of it.

What is 50 First Dates about? 

The prospect of the pair’s possible rom-com sequel would follow the actress’ 2004 movie, 50 First Dates, with Adam Sandler. The movie follows Sandler’s character Henry, who meets and falls in love with Lucy (Drew Barrymore), only to discover she can’t remember anything that happened the day before.

50 First Dates released in 2004 | Image: IMDb


Henry embarks on wooing Lucy every single morning in a taped video he makes to remind her of who he is and what they are to each other.



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