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It's controversial/ Jonathan Majors to Johnny Depp, 7 actors who lost movie roles due to controversies

From Jonathan Majors to Johnny Depp, several actors lost their roles because of some infamous controversies that they were involved in.

Jonathan Majors
Jonathan Majors | Image:Twitter

It’s not always glam and glitters being a public figure. Celebrities are naturally under public scrutiny and most of the time what they do in their personal life affects their professional image. Here’s a compilation of 7 actors who lost their roles due to some infamous controversies.

Johnny Depp | Image: Instgram

Jonathan Majors

The latest one on the list, Majors who played Kang in the Marvel films has been shown doors from the franchise. He was announced guilty of assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

Jonathan Majors in Marvel | Image: Twitter

Johnny Depp

Amid his massively escalated legal feud with ex Amber Heard, Johnny lost his popular part from Disney’s saga Pirates of the Caribbeans and Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts’.

Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbeans | Image: Instagram

Armie Hammer

After being accused of rape and emotional abuse in 2021, Armie lost some famous projects including Jennifer Lopez’s “Shotgun Wedding,” the Paramount+ series “The Offer” and the Broadway play “The Minutes” among others.

Armie Hammer | Image: Wallpaper Cave

Melissa Barrera

It was just last month that Melissa lost her role in Scream 7 after she openly supported Palestine amid the ongoing Israel-Gaza war. Her harsh comments against Israel didn’t go down with many people.

Melissa Barrera in Scream | Image: Entertainment Weekly

Lori Loughlin

The actress was found guilty of committing fraud with her involvement in a 2019 admission scandal. She even served two months in jail and eventually lost her popular part in Fuller House.

Lori Loughlin in Fuller House | Image: Entertainment Weekly

Columbus Short

Short played the character of Harrison Wright in the first three seasons of Scandal. He had to leave the show in 2014 after his former wife hurled accusations of domestic abuse against him.

Columbus Short in scandal | Image: IMDb

Hartley Sawyer

Sawyer lost The Flash in 2020 after his old social media posts exerting racism, misogyny and anti-LGBTQ remarks went viral online. The producers announced Hartley being shelved from the seventh season of CW.

Hartley Sawyer in the Flash | Image: Variety

Several other actors even ended up vanishing after some infamous controversies silently ate their entire careers.


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