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Julia Roberts weighs in on her idea of potential Pretty Woman sequel

Julia Roberts was recently asked what she thought to be the conclusion for the characters of Vivian and Edward, from the 1990 film Pretty Woman.

Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman | Image:IMDb

Julia Roberts sees a bittersweet resolution to the classic love story of Pretty Woman. The 56-year-old actress was recently asked what she thought to be the conclusion for the characters of Vivian and Edward, the iconic couple from the 1990 film. To which, she came up with a morbid answer. 

Julia Roberts on sequel of Pretty Woman

Julia believes her Pretty Woman co-star Richard Gere’s character Edward died after the end of the film. The actress played a prostitute named Vivienne opposite Gere, who essayed a businessman called Edward. He falls in love with her and helps her get off the street.

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman 


"I think he (Edward) passed away peacefully in his sleep from a heart attack, smiling. And now she runs his business," she said on CBS Mornings.

Epilogue of Runaway Bride and Notting Hill

The actors reunited almost a decade later to film 1999's Runaway Bride and Roberts said the couple in that movie get a happier ending. The host asked, “(Your character) Maggie literally rides off into the sunset with Richard Gere after leaving four other men at the altar. What happens to her?”

The actress then replied, “They stay together. He doesn't die in this one. They're going to stay together.”

Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride | Image: IMDb


Asked about her movie star character from Notting Hill, who fell for a bookstore owner played by Hugh Grant, Roberts said, “She's retired. She has six children and has maintained her waist size amazingly. Anna has also traded glamorous film sets for quiet days behind a shop counter. (William) runs the bookshop still and now there's a little knitting annexe next to the bookshop that (Anna) runs."


However, Notting Hill filmmaker Richard Curtis recently revealed he had a different vision for the characters and wrote a short sequel in which the couple split up.

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