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Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively's relationship before Ryan came into the picture

Before getting together with Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively dated Leonardo Dicaprio. Read here about their five-month relationship which ended abruptly.

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Hollywood is popular for its celebs and their relationships. There have been several power couples like Brangelina before they came to an end. One of those who could’ve been is Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio, who dated for nearly five months and split. Take a look at their relationship. 

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Before she even met Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively had eyes for Leonardo DiCaprio and the two dated briefly. Although their relationship ended abruptly, they were together for almost half a year. Leo and Blake dated for almost five months. 

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There is a decent age gap between Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively: thirteen years. Ten years ago, Blake Lively auditioned for the part in the movie The Great Gatsby, which was later played by Carey Mulligan. But this brought the two actors closer. 

How did Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio become close?

According to reports, the Gossip Girl star 'Instagrammed' even before the app gained prominence. In 2011, Blake was communicating via digital photograph posting when it wasn't even really a thing yet. While Instagram launched in October of 2010, it didn't become a phenomenon that absolutely everybody had to use until many years later. But Gossip Girl's Blake Lively was ahead of us. 

Gossip Girl showrunner Joshua Safran opened up to media sources regarding Blake and Leo and how they communicated. She told sources that Lively would text DiCaprio photos of a doll to express her innermost feelings. She said that when Lively was dating DiCaprio, and she had this thing where she had a doll that she took photos of and send them to Leo. However, neither party has ever shared the actual photos with the public. 

Leo and Blake's romantic getaways

Once they started seeing each other, they quickly caught the eye of the public. One of the earliest indications was that the two were seen together partying on director Steven Spielberg’s yacht. They also spent a romantic getaway in Venice, Italy. The gorgeous city is popular for its charming canals and stunning architecture. However, reports had suggested that Lively looked stressed and DiCaprio looks distracted in those pictures. Perhaps it was an indication that things were coming to an end. 

Reportedly, according to DiCaprio’s friends, her ability as a home chef surely won over his heart. Funnily enough, at the same time that those two were dating, Ryan Reynolds was also going public with his love for Lively's cooking abilities. He went out of his way in interviews to talk about how his Green Lantern co-star was an awesome person who had many talents. 

Blake and Ryan

After Leo reportedly dumped Blake, months after, she started dating Ryan Reynolds. Blake and Ryan became an item and went on to become a true Hollywood power couple. They later married and had kids. Leonardo DiCaprio is currently dating 22-year-old Camila Morrone.


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