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Margot Robbie Breaks Silence On Barbie Oscar Nomination Snub: I’ve never been a part of something...

Margot Robbie has finally reacted to Barbie not receiving a nomination for Best Actress and Best Director categories at the Oscar Awards 2024.

Margot Robbie file photo | Image:Margot Robbie/instagram

Margot Robbie has finally broken her silence on Barbie not being nominated in the Best Director and Best Actress categories at the Academy Awards 2024. Despite becoming the highest-grossing film in the cinematic industry, Greta Gerwig’s directorial being sidelined in major categories came as a shock to cine-goers and industry heavyweights alike. Although the film did bag a nomination in eight other categories, Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig's not receiving nominations became the biggest highlight after the nomination announcement. Days after the snub, the headliner of the pink fable, Robie has finally reacted. 

Margot Robbie believes Greta Gerwig did a once-in-a-lifetime thing 

In a discussion with Variety, Margot Robbie finally addressed not getting a nomination in the Best Actress category for Barbie. While the actress did not express remorse for her snub, she did voice her discontent about the film’s director Greta Gerwig not receiving a nomination. The actress said, “There’s no way to feel sad when you know you’re this blessed. Obviously, I think Greta should be nominated as a director. What she did is a once-in-a-career, once-in-a-lifetime thing. What she pulled off, it really is. But it’s been an incredible year for all the films.” 

Margot Robbie in a still from Barbie | Image: BarbieTheMovie/Instagram 

Apart from headlining the film, Margot Robbie also turned producer for Barbie. The actress, along with her filmmaker husband Tom Ackerly bankrolled the film. At the upcoming Academy Awards, Barbie has received eight nominations. Ryan Gosling received the nomination for Best Supporting Actor, America Ferrera for Best Supporting Actress, Best Picture, Adapted Screenplay, Costume Design, Production Design and Best Original Song. 


Margot Robbie says she is grateful for getting Best Picture nod 

In the same conversation, Margot Robbie expressed gratitude for getting the Academy nod for eight categories. The actress asserted that the audience’s reaction to the film is the biggest reward they could have asked for. She added, “Everyone getting the nods that they’ve had is just incredible, and the best picture nod. We set out to do something that would shift culture, affect culture, just make some sort of impact. And it’s already done that and some, way more than we ever dreamed it would. And that is truly the biggest reward that could come out of all of this. People’s reactions to the movie have been the biggest reward of this entire experience. Whether it’s seeing what people are writing online, or even just seeing how much pink I can see in this room right now…I’ve never been a part of something like this. Not like this. I’ve done comic book stuff and that gets a big reaction, but this felt very different. It still feels very different. And I can’t think of a time when a movie’s had this effect on culture. And it’s amazing to be in the eye of the storm.” 

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in a still from Barbie | Image: BarbieTheMovie/Instagram

The Academy Award nominations were announced on January 23. The Oscar Award ceremony 2024 will be held on March 10 EST. 


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