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It's controversial/ Matthew Perry death: FRIENDS actor's tumultuous battle with alcoholism, substance abuse

Matthew Perry's memoir candidly details his battles with addiction. After having his first drink at 14, Perry was drinking consistently by 18.

Matthew Perry
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Matthew Perry's candid revelations in his memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, delve deeper into his battles with substance abuse, shedding light on his turbulent journey. The book not only reminisces about his time on Friends, both sober and under the influence but also unveils the harrowing cycle of relapses he endured.

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First drink at 14, by 18, Perry was consistent

Beginning his struggles at a young age as he had his first drink at 14, Perry started drinking consistently by 18, later escalating into a tumultuous relationship with prescription drugs. Following an accident during the filming of When Fools Rush In, where he was prescribed Vicodin, his dependency spiraled. Perry admitted to consuming a staggering 55 Vicodin pills a day, resorting to deceitful tactics to acquire them.

Matthew Perry in New York to promote his first network series I IMDb

In 2018, a catastrophic health event led to his colon rupturing, leaving him in a coma for two weeks, defying a mere 2% chance of survival. Enduring an ECMO machine, Perry lived with a colostomy bag for nine months, navigating a maze of surgeries, including a recent six-inch incision surgery in January 2022.


His struggle continued, even during the COVID pandemic, as he manipulated medical situations in a Swiss rehab center to obtain high doses of Oxycontin and faced a near-fatal overdose due to a shot of propofol stopping his heart for five minutes. Despite this, he persistently sought excessive medication, even resorting to costly private flights when denied treatment in Los Angeles.

When Friends actor revealed salary details

Interwoven with his personal struggles, Perry also disclosed financial aspects, highlighting his lucrative journey from the early days of earning $22,500 for a single episode of a different show to the staggering million-dollar weekly pay on Friends, thanks to David Schwimmer's selfless negotiations, which ultimately granted the cast a powerful bargaining position.


Amidst Perry's candid revelations about his brushes with death and personal relationships, the memoir paints a vivid picture of the triumphs, tragedies, and complexities underlying his tumultuous life in and out of the limelight.


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