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Modern Family Star Sofia Vergara Reveals Reason Behind Her Limited Acting Career

Sofia Vergara recently talked about how her acting roles got limited even after the raging success of Modern Family.

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Playing the notorious Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco on Netflix, Sofia Vergara is embracing her most dramatic role to date. With her career primarily characterized by her comedic role in ABC's Modern Family, this show presents Vergara with a unique opportunity to showcase her dramatic acting prowess. The actress recently revealed how her acting roles got limited even after the raging success of Modern Family

Sofia Vergara says her accent has limited her acting career

In a conversation with the Los Angeles Times, Vergara blamed her ‘stupid accent’ for her limited roles. The actress said, “I’m always looking for characters because there’s not much that I can play with this stupid accent. I can’t play a scientist or be in Schindler’s List. My acting jobs are kind of limited.”

Sofia Vergara


Vergara’s most well-known role is probably that of Modern Family's Gloria Pritchett, for which she received four Emmy nominations. Naturally, Gloria's distinct accent emerged as one of the most emblematic features of the character, and the actress has consistently upheld it throughout time.

How many Emmys did you win, Vergara asked the host

Earlier this month, Vergara had made an appearance on a Spanish talk show El Hormigueo, which is hosted by famous TV anchor Pablo Motos. During the conversation, just when Vergara was enthusiastically describing her experience of working in the show Motos pejoratively asked her to repeat the name of the show.

Vergara was quick to catch on to the condescending tone and was equally witty in her comeback. The Modern Family actress instantly quipped, “I say it wrong? Oh, because you speak better English than me? Ah. How many Emmy nominations do you have in the United States? How many times did they nominate you at the Golden Globes?” The audience immediately erupted into laughter and claps, as Vergara basked in the glory.



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