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Natalie Portman's return as Mighty Thor hints at Marvel's next wave to break tradition

Natalie Portman is all set to return as Jane Foster in the highly-anticipated Marvel superhero film, 'Thor: Love and Thunder'. Here's everything you should know

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Actor Natalie Portman is all set to return as Jane Foster in the upcoming highly-anticipated Marvel’s superhero film, Thor: Love and Thunder. However, this time, the Marvel actor will tear up all its tradition as Natalie has joined forces with the Marvel Cinematic Universe once again, only to become the Mighty Thor. As reported by Heroic Hollywood, Thor: Love and Thunder is currently filmed in Australia and pictures of Natalie donning Thor’s armour has already piqued the curiosity of fans.

Marvel to break its tradition

One of the most exciting elements of this upcoming Marvel wave is Jane Foster’s transformation as the Mighty Thor. The character Jane Foster disappeared from the MCU since Thor: The Dark World, and was apparently shown dead. However, now fans are looking forward to how Jane will make an entry again. Details of the plot have been kept under wraps, however, it is sure that the premise of the film is inspired by Jason Aaron’s Mighty Thor comic run book, in which Jane Foster suits up as the new Thor.

Directed by Taika Waititi, Thor: Love and Thunder is intended to be the direct sequel to the 2017 released Marvel film Thor: Ragnarok. The screenplay of the film is co-written by Jennifer Kaylin Robinson and features Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Chris Pratt in pivotal roles alongside Portman. Thor: Love and Thunder is all set to hit the theatres in the month of May, next year.

Talking about the latest Thor movie, the Ragnarok part detailed Asgard being completely destroyed by Thor to save the Asgardians from the wrath of her sister and the goddess of death, Hela. In the war, Thor was joined by Tessa Thompson aka Valkyrie. Now, audiences speculate if Asgard will rise again from dust or a whole new place will be created.

Amidst this, Natalie Portman’s massive physical transformation has become the talk of the down. Fans couldn’t help swooning over her muscular arms when behind-the-scenes pictures from the sets of Thor: Love and Thunder went viral on the internet. Here’s taking a quick look at how fans complimented Natalie Portman for her drastic transformation:



Published March 16th, 2021 at 17:42 IST

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