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No More 'Bad Blood': Katy Perry Dances Her Heart Out At Taylor Swift's Eras Tour In Sydney | Watch

During Taylor Swift's recently held Eras Tour in Sydney, popstar Katy Perry made a shocking attendance and the internet cannot keep calm.

Katy Perry, Taylor Swift | Image:Instagram

In a star-studded affair at Taylor Swift's Sydney concert on Friday night, pop sensation Katy Perry made a surprising appearance alongside other celebrities like Rita Ora and Taika Waititi at Accor Stadium. Perry who is known for her past rift with Swift was seen enthusiastically enjoying Swift's performance. Watch here:-

What was the tea on the rift between Katy and Taylor?

In the video shared by Katy herself, she can be seen enjoying the rendition of "Bad Blood," a song widely speculated to be a diss track aimed at Perry from Swift's 2014 album, 1989. The feud between the two music icons ignited in 2014 when Swift accused Perry of attempting to undermine her arena tour by poaching her backup dancers.


During an old interview with Rolling Stone, Taylor once said, "For years, I was uncertain about the nature of my relationship with [this singer]. She would approach me at awards shows, say something, and then walk away, leaving me wondering whether we were friends or if she had just delivered the most cutting insult of my life."



This public spat escalated further with Perry's cryptic tweet, referencing "Regina George in sheep's clothing." However, signs of reconciliation emerged with Perry's cameo in Swift's music video for "You Need to Calm Down."


Katy’s presence at Taylor’s concert breaks the internet

During the Sydney concert, Perry and Swift reaffirmed their friendship by sharing a backstage moment which ended up in a selfie posted on Perry's Instagram with the caption, "Got to see an old friend shine tonight." Perry also shared carousel posts on her Instagram, featuring snippets of Swift's performance, highlighting the "Bad Blood" segment and clearly hinting at a mutual burying of the hatchet.




For the unversed, Taylor’s ongoing Sydney concert was earlier met with a sudden storm and had a much-delayed start. Eventually, Taylor’s enigmatic performance made it worth the delay.


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