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Randy Spelling reveals why he left Hollywood after his father Aaron Spelling passed away

Randy Spelling reveals why he left Hollywood after his father and legendary TV producer Aaron Spelling passed away. Read on to know details

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Legendary TV producer Aaron Spelling's son Randy Spelling opened up about why he left Hollywood and chose a career far away from the legacy of his father. The actor had started his career in Hollywood with a guest star role in Beverly Hills, 90210 revealed that he started having existential questions which led him to carve his path out and away from Hollywood. He started Hollywood and thought that if he does not move away from the industry, it would kill him.

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Aaron Spelling's son Randy Spelling on why he left Hollywood

Randy Spelling in an interview with Page Six stated that he thinks if he had stayed in Hollywood, he would be dead. The media portal revealed that the actor felt an incredible pressure to succeed in the entertainment business because his late father was such a legend. Randy told the portal that he took it as a self-imposed thing where he has to be “something big”.

The actor revealed to the media portal that he thought that bigness comes from being famous or being an actor or being a producer. And that is how the actor tried to find the ‘bigness’ but later realised that he has to forge his own path, reports suggest. Randy told the portal that he felt that if he does not do that, it was going to kill him.

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However, Randy Spelling revealed to the portal that after the demise of his father in 2006, things went south for him. Reportedly, he was just trying to fill himself in any way and then caught up addiction. The actor later sought help and went to rehab and after that, he thought to himself what he wants to do with the second chance.

Reportedly, he asked him, “who do I want to be? What makes me happy? What am I here for?” when he got the second chance in rehab. Randy set out on a path to seek answers for existential questions. The path sent him away from his father and sisters career path and Hollywood.

Today, Randy is a successful life coach and is happily married with two daughters. The actor is living in Oregon and has the largest home in Los Angeles county, reported the media portal. The media portal reported that the home is a 123 room mansion that was sold for $ 120 million in the year 2019.

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Randy Spelling's father Aaron Spelling's shows

Some of the most popular shows of Aaron Spelling include:

  • Charlie's Angels
  • The Love Boat,
  • Dynasty,
  • Melrose Place
  • Beverly Hills, 90210.

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