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Rebel Moon Part 1 A Child of Fire Reviews: Writer reacts to bad reviews of Zack Snyder's directorial

Kurt Johnstad addressed the bad reviews for Rebel Moon and said, “I don’t read the reviews, I never have. Critics have a job to do. We live in a democracy."

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Both critics and viewers have a history of having differing opinions about Zack Snyder's films; the former usually find them enjoyable, while the latter tend to have more critical views. The same seems to be true with Rebel Moon Part 1: A Child of Fire. Snyder's co-writer, Kurt Johnstad, has some opinions regarding the reviews for the latest movie.

Kurt Johnstad addresses Rebel Moon’s reviews 

In a conversation with Variety, addressing the bad reviews for Rebel Moon, Johnstad said, “I don’t read the reviews, I never have. Critics have a job to do. We live in a democracy. Everybody gets to vote. If people watch the film, they’ll have an experience, and they will either enjoy it or they won’t. It’s flavours of ice cream.” 

Kurt Johnstad urges the audience to make their own judgement 


He asked the audience to not rely on the critics' opinions too much and to judge the movie by themselves after watching it. Johnstad added, “In my career of 20 years doing this, reviews have never equated to performance. A movie will either perform or it won’t. People will either love it or be connected to it, and I think what this movie has is an emotional drive and a core and characters that are vulnerable. And of course, there’s sequence and action and visuals — it’s a magnificent-looking film. But I think that at the core of it, it’s got emotion. There’s an emotional engine and a currency that runs through the film that I think works, so I’d invite people to check it out."

Rebel Moon’s performance review 

Although the movie has received a higher approval rating from viewers—it currently has a 66% approval rate from audience on Rotten Tomatoes—the finished result has not been an overwhelming hit. But as anticipated, the movie has shot to the top of the Netflix chart, which is precisely where the streamer intended to see it. 

Rebel Moon Part 1: A Child of Fire debuted on Netflix on December 15 


Rebel Moon Part 1: A Child of Fire is a science fiction action film directed by Zack Snyder that takes place in deep space and centres on a colony that is under assault from Regent Balisarius. Sofia Boutella portrays a warrior tasked with rallying supporters to oppose the despot and his invincible armies bent on capturing territory.


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