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Seven-BAFTA, Five-Oscar Nominated Movie The Holdovers Is Releasing In India - Here's When

Alexander Payne's popular movie The Holdovers which won five Oscar and seven BAFTA nominations is all set to release in India.

The Holdovers | Image:IMDb

Directed by Alexander Payne, The Holdovers emerged as a popular dramedy weaving through the complexities of the Christmas season. Premiering at the prestigious 50th Telluride Film Festival in August 2023, the subtly dark-themed film has already entertained audiences before its theatrical release in the United States on October 27, 2023.

When is The Holdovers releasing in India?

The Holdovers have been headlined by Paul Giamatti, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, and Dominic Sessa. Following its successful domestic run where it earned over $31 million in box office revenue, The Holdovers will now release in the Indian market on February 16, 2024.


The Holdovers | Image: IMDb


What more do we know about The Holdovers?

The Holdovers has won several accolades including two Golden Globes, and five nominations at the upcoming Oscars 2024. It has also earned seven nominations at the BAFTA being held next week. Set against the backdrop of 1970s New England, The Holdovers pays homage to classic cinema of the era.

Director Alexander Payne infuses the film with grainy visuals, vintage title cards, and a rock-folk soundtrack similar to Cat Stevens and Labi Siffre which takes the audience to a nostalgic ride amidst the turmoil of the Vietnam War. While celebrating the festive spirit, The Holdovers refuses to shy away from the melancholy and anxieties often associated with the holiday season.



The Holdovers | Image: IMDb


Through its blend of feel-good moments and hard-hitting realities, the film strikes a delicate balance on a deeply emotional level. At the heart of The Holdovers is a tale of unlikely companionship and personal growth. Paul Giamatti portrays an uncompromising teacher dealing with professional and personal setbacks, while Da’Vine Joy Randolph plays the grief-stricken head cook, Mary, haunted by the loss of her son to war.

Together with Dominic Sessa's Angus, a troubled student at the centre of their makeshift Christmas community, the trio embarks on a journey of self-discovery while finding solace and partnership amidst the holiday chaos. More about this will surely be a spoiler so we’ll keep it saved for a good watch in theatres near you soon.


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