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Space Jam 2 release date, cast, trailer details and leaks about the upcoming movie

Space Jam 2 is an upcoming sequel to the iconic movie from 1996. Read more to know about the Space Jam 2 release date, cast, trailer and other details.

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Ever since its announcement, Space Jam 2 is one of the highly anticipated movies of this year. After 25 years of the first film’s release, the hit movie is getting a sequel that features LeBron James in the lead role. The original movie Space Jam was an iconic live-action animated hybrid movie that featured Basketball legend Michael Jordan in the lead role. The sequel is titled as Space Jam: A New Legacy. A lot of people are wondering about the Space Jam 2 release date and Space Jam 2 trailer. For all the curious people, here is a look at some of the details about the movie.

Space Jam 2 cast

Space Jam 2 cast features LeBron James in the lead role. He will be teaming up with the Looney Tunes for an entirely new adventure. The IMDb page of the movie has also listed Avengers star Don Cheadle in the role of Al-G Rhythm. Warner Bros recently announced that Space Jam 2 will be among the line up of films that will be released in theatres as well as on HBO Max. According to a report by, regular Looney Tunes actors will also be lending their voice to iconic Looney Tunes characters in the movie. including Eric Bauza as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. As long as the basketball players are concerned, the Space Jam 2 leaks from the sets reveal that Klay Thompson, Anthony Davis and Damian Lillard will be seen alongside LeBron James in the movie.

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Space Jam 2 release date

Back in the year 2019, it was announced that the Space Jam 2 will be releasing on July 16, 2021. The company founded by LeBron James had made the announcement on Twitter. The report added that the production of the movie has been wrapped up in 2019 itself and as of yet there has been no delay in the announcement of the movie. Therefore it is safe to say that the movie is still eyeing the same release date and will be releasing worldwide in July this year.

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Space Jam 2 trailer

Warner Bros has not yet released a full trailer of the film but in the montage released by HBO, the viewers get to see a glimpse at one of the scenes in the movie. The teaser did not give away huge details but LeBron James and Bugs Bunny are seen on the court with concern on their faces as they see someone or something shoot up in the sky. Here is a look at the scene from the montage.


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Space Jam 2 leaks

Space Jam footage leaks have teased about the possibility that the movie will see various WB characters like Joker, The Mask, Pennywise the Clown. According to, recent Space Jams 2 leaks showed that The Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz and even Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies will be a part of it. Here is a look at the clip which is believed to be from the wrap party of the movie.

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