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When Golden Globe Winner Sarah Snook Was Stopped From Having ‘Tiniest Bit Of Chocolate Cake’

Sarah Snook recently won her second Golden Globe for her performance in Succession, where she plays Siobhan Roy, a fierce heiress to a mammoth business empire.

Sarah Snook in Succession
Sarah Snook in Succession | Image:IMDb

Sarah Snook, who became one of the most popular TV actors with her work in drama Succession, had begun her career nearly 14 years ago with small parts and two-bit roles in TV shows. In a recent interview, Sarah Snook opened up about some of the more struggling times of her career when she was ‘mistreated’ by directors and casting directors about her body image, and how it took a toll on her career. 

Sarah Snook file image | Image: Instagram/Sarah Snook fanpage

Snook recalls being advised about physical changes to be ‘more marketable’

Snook was talking to Sunday times when she narrated an incident of bagging a role after many auditions. Snook recalled the casting director telling her, “We don’t really want you because you’re a nobody, but the director and the writer think you’re good for the role.” Snook further reminisced how the casting director blatantly told her about the efforts they would make to make the actress ‘more marketable.’  Snook recalls being told that they would whiten her teeth, darken her hair and give her a personal trailer to help Snook look the part.

Sarah Snook in a still from Succession | Image: IMDb

Snook also reminisced an instance where she was reprimanded by a major filmmaker in front of everybody on the sets just because she had ‘tiniest bit of chocolate cake.’ Recalling the incident, Snook also took note to thank the costume designer who intervened and stood by her amidst the chaos.


Sarah Snook nominated at Emmy Awards 2024

In the first few years of her career, Sarah Snook was acclaimed for her work in movies like Predestination and These Final Hours. However, the actress’ popularity soared to another level once Succession began airing in 2018. Snook is also nominated for an Emmy Award this year, which will be held on Monday, January 16 6.30 am IST.


Meanwhile, Snook’s upcoming projects include a production of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray in London’s West End where the Succession actress is set to all 26 parts of the play. 



Published January 15th, 2024 at 21:36 IST

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