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Where does Dave Chappelle live? Here's all you need to know about the comedian

Fans on Twitter are appreciating Dave Chappelle's recent Saturday Night Monologue. Read on to find out where does Dave Chappelle live now.

where does dave chappelle live
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Dave Chappelle is one of the most well-known stand-up comedians of our times. The 47-year-old American comedian has amassed a ginormous fan following ever since he first stepped into the limelight. Most recently, the comedian appeared on the Emmy award-winning late-night comedy show, Saturday Night Live. He delivered a poignant and gripping monologue, in the wake of the recent US election results, which was much welcomed by his fans. Many fans took to Twitter to appreciate the Dave Chappelle SNL Monologue. Despite his material success, the comedian has kept his personal life under wraps for the most part. Read on to find out where does Dave Chappelle live:

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Dave Chappelle left Hollywood and moved to South Africa

A report in Cheatsheet has revealed that Chappelle made headlines when the comedian decided to leave Hollywood in 2005. This decision came as a shock to many of his friends and fans, as his Comedy Central show was blowing up big. In a later interview, he reportedly said that he had decided to leave because of a toxic work environment. 

After making what seemed like a very risky decision, Dave Chappelle moved to South African for some time, mainly to stay away from American media. He later moved back to the United States, but this time choosing to set up and build his life away from the Hollywood limelight and glamour world. He moved to a remote property just outside of Yellow Springs, Ohio. 

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Why did Dave Chappelle move to Yellow Springs, Ohio?

Chappelle has been married to his wife Elaine Erfe since 2001 and shares three kids, Sulayman Chappelle (19), Ibrahim Chappelle (14), Sonal Chappelle (11) with her. The family moved to a small secluded town in Ohio because this was where Chappelle had spent his childhood. According to the Cheatsheet report, after his parents separated when Dave was only six, his father moved to Yellow Springs. Dave would often visit his father in Yellow springs mainly during holidays. Hence, the stand-up comedian brought his own properly here and stayed for quite a while after leaving Hollywood.

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Dave Chappelle's house

Where does Dave Chappelle live now?

Chappelle reportedly still lives in Ohio and has quite a modest house by celebrity standards. The report has revealed that Dave’s property is a 39-acre farm with a private gated entrance. Given that Ohio is a green state, Dave’s house is also nested in a great amount of greenery. On his Instagram handle, the comedian has not shared any pictures of his modest and quaint house, as he is an extremely private person.

Dave Chappelle's net worth 

A report in the Celebrity net worth portal has revealed that Dave Chappelle is worth $50 million at this moment. The comedian has made most of his wealth from his stand up comedy gigs and his various comedy specials. He has also been a part of films such as Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993), The Nutty Professor (1996), Half Baked (2003) and etc. He rose to prominence with his own comedy central show, Chappelle's Show, in 2003. The show was wildly popular and ran for two successful seasons. It was also nominated for two Emmy Awards before Chappelle abruptly left it.

(Disclaimer: The above information is sourced from various websites/ media reports. The website does not guarantee a 100% accuracy of the figures.) 


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