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Where was 'Twister' filmed? Know more about the 1996 disaster film

A storm chaser and a meteorologist put their divorce on hold to battle tornadoes in Oklahoma. Read this article to know where was 'Twister' filmed.

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Twister released in 1996 and it was directed by Jan de Bont. Twister is the story of a storm chaser named Ben and a meteorologist named Jo. They put their divorce on hold to save Oklahoma from tornadoes that are wreaking havoc in the area. The mission of the two main characters in the film was inspired by the works of real-life scientists.

The lead roles in the film were enacted by Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt, portraying the roles of Bill and Dr. Jo Harding. The other important characters were played by Jami Gertz, Alan Ruck, Todd Field, Lois Smith, Scott Thomson, Sean Whalen, Cary Elwes, and others. The film also received nominations for the Best Sound and Best Visual Effects Category at the Academy Awards. Read this article to know where was Twister filmed. 

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'Twister' Filming Locations

As per reports by, Twister shooting locations were mainly located in different parts of Oklahoma. The backdrop of the film’s story is also in Oklahoma. For those who want to know where was Twister filmed, they must know that apart from Oklahoma, the film was also shot in Iowa. The opening scene of the film where Bill meets his crew was filmed in Oklahoma, Fairfax, and Ralston Oklahoma.

There is a memorable scene where the storm chasers stop near a drive-in movie theatre and a tornado appears suddenly. Guthrie, Oklahoma, was one of the Twister shooting locations for this scene. The scene in which Melissa’s hotel was shown was shot in Stillwater near Oklahoma State University’s campus.

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Wakita, Oklahoma, is one of the most popular Twister filming locations. Several scenes from the film were shot here. A scene in which the car of Bill and Jo gets surrounded by water sprouts was shot at Kaw Lake near Kaw City, Oklahoma. There is a Twister museum in Wakita where props from the film are kept. The film was also shot in Ponca City, Norman, Maysville, Pauls Valley, and small farm towns located in different parts of the state. 

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Some of the concluding moments of the film were shot in Iowa. When Bill and Jo prepare themselves to face the F5 tornado, this scene was shot in Eldora, Iowa. When the two characters, Jo and Bill were chased by the tornado, that iconic scene was shot in Ames, Iowa. A few additional shots were completed in Bolton, Ontario. 

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Twister review

The Twister review was moderately good. It received a 6.4/10 rating on IMDB. The audience liked the film for the special effects, good action thriller, and great performances by the cast of the film. 


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