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Who is Raven Symone's wife? Find out who the actor married during quarantine

American actor Raven Symone recently got married with a simple wedding ceremony during the quarantine. Here is everything you need to know about her wife.

who is raven symone's wife
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35-year-old American actor, singer and producer Raven Symone recently got married to her partner, Miranda Maday. The couple announced the news after Raven Symone uploaded a photo with her new wife in her backyard on June 18, 2020. Here is everything you need to know about Raven Symone’s wife.


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Who is Raven Symone’s wife?

Miranda Maday is Raven Symone’s wife, as the couple tied the knot in a simple ceremony, in their backyard. Raven posted a picture of the couple on her Instagram handle and announced that she is married now in the caption. The American actor added saying that she had gotten married to a woman who understands her deeply. 


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Very little is known about the couple’s relationship yet, as Raven did not share much about her relationship on social media prior to this announcement. In addition to this Miranda Maday is less active on social media, as compared to her superstar wife who has over 2 million followers on the platform. Raven Symone first teased the news of the wedding, by posting the picture of a gorgeous wine glass and captioned it saying, that something happened in the week that had changed her life for the better. Though Raven and Miranda’s wedding ceremony was small, due to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines. She thanked everyone who had helped her in planning the ceremony in the caption.

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Who is Miranda Maday?

Miranda Maday is a 33-year-old Los Angeles native. She works as a Social Media Manager at Off the Menu, which is an invite-only app, that lets its users receive one free food item per day at various LA restaurants since 2017. Miranda Maday is also a prior UCLA student, who worked as an assistant on film and TV show sets. According to reports on a media portal, Raven Symone’s wife has also worked for entertainment executives and celebrities. It has also been reported that Maday has worked as a research and development intern at John Wells production in California.


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Miranda Maday net worth

As per the reports of a media portal, Miranda Maday’s net worth is approximately $210,000 as of 2020. Her primary source of income is her job at Off the Menu. Maday has reportedly also worked as a personal production assistant to Sean Penn and assisted actor Ryan Gosling.

Miranda Maday Instagram

Miranda Maday has over 20,000 followers on her Instagram handle. She is not very active on her social media accounts and has only eight posts on her Instagram account so far. Here are some of the posts from Miranda Maday’s Instagram handle.


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