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Is 'Lupin' dubbed on Netflix? Find out if the French show has been dubbed by the platform

Netflix has recently released a brand new crime thriller show featuring Omar Sy 'Lupin'. Read on to find out is Lupin dubbed on Netflix.

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is lupin dubbed on netflix
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Omar Sy starrer Lupin is Netflix’s most recent crime thriller series. Ever since the show was released on January 8, fans across the world are swooning over it. Helmed by George Kay and François Uzan part 1 of Lupin season 1 premiered on Netflix on 8 January. The crime thriller stars Omar Sy in the role of Assane Diop, a man who is inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupin, a character created by Maurice Leblanc. Find out, “Is Lupin dubbed on Netflix?”

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Is Lupin dubbed on Netflix?

The answer to this question is yes, and no. Lupin is originally a French-language show. Hence, the original audio is in French while English subtitles are also available. However, Netflix allows viewers to watch such shows with ‘dubbed in English’ option. This option is available for viewers who are non-french speakers and wish to enjoy Lupin in English so that they don’t have to read subtitles.

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However, the English dubbed version of the show has some inconsistencies and problems with dubbing. This was discovered when Netflix uploaded the trailer for Lupin on its YouTube channel, which is was dubbed in English. Many fans commented noting that the dub was poorly done and seemed extremely out of place. This has been noticed while watching the show as well.

Source: Screenshot from YouTube comments

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This is not the first time that issues with the dubbing of Netflix shows have surfaced. According to a report in HITC, issues with dubbing were also noticed when Netflix released Barbarians, in October 2020. Barbarians was originally recorded in German and Latin but a dubbed English version was available. However, there were a lot of inconsistencies with the dubbing which made it hard for English speaking viewers to watch the show.

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Lupin: The Premise of the show

The story of Lupin follows professional thief Assane Diop, who is the only son of an immigrant from Senegal. During their stay in France, Assane's father is framed for the theft of an expensive diamond necklace by his employer by his wealthy and powerful employer Hubert Pellegrini. The incident takes a toll on Assane's father hangs himself in his prison cell out of shame, leaving the teenage Assane an orphan. Twenty-five years later, inspired by a book about gentleman thief Arsène Lupin his father had given him on his birthday, Assane sets out on a path of revenge on the Pellegrini family. He uses his charisma and mastery of thievery, subterfuge, and disguise to expose Hubert's crimes.


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