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Kannada Star Upendra Spills The Beans About UI, Promises Realm Of Visuals Like Never Before

A few days ago, Upendra unveiled the first look poster of his upcoming film UI, which has been in the making since the 2000s.

A still from the teaser. | Image:YouTube

Upendra unveiled the first look of his highly-anticipated film UI, a few days ago, which has been in the making since the 2000s. The teaser promised a new cinematic experience with top-notch VFX. Now, opening up about the film, Upendra, at an event, said that his film introduces a "realm of visuals like never before.”

Upendra spills the beans about the world of UI

The teaser of the film set the cinema world ablaze with unparalleled anticipation. Now, during the event, the actor-director expressed his enthusiasm and said, "We are delving into the UI world, unexplored in my previous works. This film introduces a realm of visuals like never before."


Allu Aravind and Shiva Rajkumar also shared their opinion about the upcoming film. Allu Aravind, a Telugu producer, during a launch event in Bengaluru, said that Kannada cinema is "embracing world cinema". He believes the film possesses the potential to rival Hollywood productions. “Kannada cinema is embracing world cinema. The film’s teaser tantalises with visual extravagance, making it a compelling watch. I believe it possesses the potential to rival Hollywood productions,” he added.


Singing a similar tune, Shiva Rajkumar said that World Of UI "visually communicates some extraordinary" and has the power to "transcend cinematic norms".

Step into the world of UI

The teaser opened with a disclaimer stating, "This is not the AI world. This is UI world," followed by what appears to be Adam and Eve. The camera then offers a bird's view of the lavish kingdom, which has several water bodies, hills, and beautiful buildings. The characters in the film were introduced from both the worlds Egypt and British. The over 1 minute concluded with Upendra sitting on a bull-like creature, sporting a furious look.

The pan-India film will reportedly be made on a budget of ₹100 crore. Apart from Upendra, the film reportedly stars Reeshma Nanaiah, Sunny Leone, and Murali Sharma, in pivotal roles. 


Published January 12th, 2024 at 21:09 IST

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