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Kim Woojin's reason for leaving Korean boy band 'Stray Kids' revealed; know what it is

Kim Woojin was the lead vocalist of the Korean boy band named Stray Kids. He quit the band in late 2019 and here is the reason behind it. Read on to know.

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K-Pop bands have gained massive popularity in the Western music scenario in the last few years and audiences worldwide started taking notice of their songs and videos. One of the most well-known Korean boy band is Stray Kids, which was formed in 2017. A member of this Korean band, Kim Woojin exited the group in 2019 and his reasons for leaving weren't very clear. Read on to know about the cause behind Kim Woojin's exit. 

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Why did Kim Woojin leave Stray Kids? 

According to a report by Distractify, Kim Woojin from Stray Kids had been performing with the band ever since they were formed in the year 2017. Woojin had been the group's lead vocalist and was their oldest member as well. He decided to leave the boy band in the latter half of 2019, which is when  JYP Entertainment, officially announced that Woojin was quitting the band. In an official statement which was translated to English, the record label said: "Woojin, who has been with Stray Kids as a member until this time, has left the group due to personal circumstances and terminated his exclusive contract. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused many fans." 

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Reports by Meaww stated that after his departure from the Korean boy band, Kim Woojin continued organizing solo meet-ups with fans, focused on self-improvement, and released his merchandise as well. The singer even has his own Youtube channel now. The band did seem a bit disappointed about his exit but wished him the best for his new journey and solo career. The remaining members of the group are Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, I.N., Bang Chan, Lee Know, and Changbin.

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Accusations against Kim Woojin 

According to a report by Distractify, an anonymous Twitter user, who has since deleted their account, claimed that she and a friend were sexually harassed by an “idol who is really loved by his fans”. In a series of tweets on September 8, 2020, the user claimed to have met Woojin at a bar in Seoul during the coronavirus outbreak, where he allegedly tried to touch them inappropriately without their consent, despite repeated protests. Woojin took to Twitter and Instagram and denied the claims made against him in a post that has now been deleted from all platforms. 

He wrote, "Hello. This is Woojin Kim. Today, I'm going through an embarrassing thing, so I'm posting a post to inform the fans of the current status of both contemporaneous work. Someone on Twitter has spread weird rumors and deleted your account...I've never met her, and I've never been to the places mentioned. Fans must have been surprised a lot, but don't worry too much because it's not true. And, I recently signed a contract with a company I like, and I'm working hard for my solo activities. The company is planning to take action against the spreaders of false information, and the company will respond afterward, so please don't worry too much. Then I'll deliver the news again. Thank you."

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