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BTS Jungkook drops Hate You visualizer ahead of military enlistment, fans turn emotional

The song titled Hate You, already a fan-favourite from his solo debut album, GOLDEN, captures Jungkook's emotional depth.

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BTS member Jungkook is all set to enlist in the military with fellow band member and close friend Jimin. The duo will reportedly enlist on December 12. Ahead of his mandatory service, the Golden Maknae delivered a pre-enlistment surprise to ARMYs by dropping an emotional visualizer for Hate You.

Hate You is a visual treat

The song, already a fan-favourite from his solo debut album, GOLDEN, captures Jungkook's emotional depth. The visualizer, accompanying the poignant track, opens with black and white visuals, setting a reflective tone as the idol navigates through the complexities of love and heartbreak.

As the visualizer progresses, Jungkook's emotions come to life, transforming the monochrome visuals into a vibrant and colourful backdrop. The singer, positioned against the city lights, portrays a palpable sense of sadness and heartbreak while expressing the theme of hating someone you love as a means of moving on. The video serves as a visual journey through the intricacies of love and the pain of letting go.

What do we know about Jungkook's military enlistment?

Jungkook's heartfelt gesture comes ahead of his scheduled military enlistment alongside Jimin on December 12. The remaining BTS members, V and RM, are reportedly set to enlist on December 11.

On Friday, Jungkook engaged with fans through a live session, offering glimpses into his thoughts and appearance before his impending enlistment. When prompted by fans to show his hair, Jungkook expressed that photos would surface when he leaves and opted to reveal his shaved head closer to the enlistment date. There will be no official events on the day of their entrance to military bases, Big Hit Music said. The agency advised fans to refrain from visiting the sites to prevent any possible crowding-related issues.


Three other BTS members  Jin, J-Hope and Suga have already begun their military duties. Jin and J-Hope are performing active service in the army while Suga is serving as a social service agent, an alternative form of military service in the country. In South Korea, all able-bodied men are required to serve about 18-21 months in the military under a conscription system established to maintain readiness against potential aggressions from rival North Korea.

Last year, fierce public debate flared over whether BTS members should be exempted from their military duties. But Big Hit Music later said all seven members would fulfill their obligations. The agency said both the company and the BTS members were looking forward to reconvening as a group around 2025 following their service commitment. 


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